Free Software Is No Myth Where To Go When You Can T Afford Premium Software Prices

Free Software is​ no myth!...where to​ go when you​ can’t afford premium software prices
Ok,​ so you​ went out and bought a​ big,​ fancy computer with all the​ fixins .​
You've got memory,​ DVD burners,​ wireless adapters,​ and enough hard drive space to​ trump the​ library of​ Congress,​ but is​ that all you​ need? as​ most people inevitably realize...NO WAY! Your cool,​ new system may be able to​ fly you​ to​ the​ moon,​ but you're not going anywhere until you​ furnish that thing with the​ right software .​
Software packages come in​ all flavors,​ and they truly run the​ gamut on​ price .​
If you​ don't have the​ right connection (and who among us does?) you'll be stunned to​ find that some of​ the​ most popular products come at​ a​ pretty penny .​
Microsoft Office for example,​ the​ world's leading office and productivity software suite,​ ranges in​ price from $350 - $500 .​
Word processing never seemed so painful! How about some of​ the​ photo hobbyists out there; ever heard of​ Adobe Photoshop? Of course you​ have .​
You can't open a​ Photography magazine without someone mentioning a​ Photoshop trick or​ two .​
a​ fun program indeed,​ but it​ costs about $600 .​
Matters worsen if​ you're an​ aspiring business looking to​ build an​ office system .​
Even the​ simplest of​ office server software by Microsoft starts somewhere between $500 - $1000,​ with higher-end servers costing well into the​ teens .​
Databases alone can coast anywhere from $10,​000 - $250,​000,​ depending on​ the​ product .​
It's enough to​ make you​ clinically depressed!
So what can we do to​ avoid high priced software? Plenty! in​ an​ age of​ burgeoning price wars and techie revelry,​ just about every major product has an​ [almost] equal-and-opposite counterpart that costs little or​ no money .​
They don’t get the​ marketing hype their goliath competitors enjoy,​ but in​ most cases they are both alike in​ features and compatible with one another .​
If knowledge is​ power,​ consider this to​ be below your hemi-powered,​ super-charged engine to​ cheap computer success .​
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List of​ free software

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