Free Payday Loans How To Get Yours

Free Payday Loans How To Get Yours

Free Payday Loans - How to​ Get Yours
Everyone has heard about payday loans .​
You have seen the​ advertisements and possibly received them in​ the​ mail,​ too .​
If you​ have need of​ some quick money,​ then a​ payday loan may be a​ solution to​ your need .​
What makes it​ even better is​ that it​ does not take long to​ fill out an​ application,​ and you​ can have your cash within 24 hours - some even send it​ within an​ hour .​
Payday lenders are all over and are generally easily available through the​ whole Internet .​
The process involved in​ applying for a​ payday loan is​ not complex and enables you​ to​ get your cash quickly .​
The application takes up to​ about 10 minutes .​
This will usually be followed by a​ phone call for a​ little more information .​
Once approved - your money will be on​ the​ way .​
For those who have never had a​ payday loan before - it​ is​ free the​ first time .​
In order to​ get your cash,​ you​ do not need to​ have good credit .​
In fact,​ they will not check your credit at​ all .​
So,​ even with bad credit,​ you​ can still get a​ payday loan .​
They do have a​ tracking system,​ though,​ and it​ is​ used by payday loan lenders to​ keep track of​ how many payday loans you​ may have out at​ one time .​
Generally,​ the​ maximum number of​ payday loans at​ any time is​ three.
The information that you​ will need to​ fill out the​ application is​ rather simple and straightforward .​
You will be asked about your employment - your current details and your employment history .​
These lenders would like you​ to​ have been employed for six months at​ the​ same place,​ and make a​ minimum of​ $1,​000 each month .​
Most of​ them,​ however,​ will require an​ income of​ $1,​500 .​
If you​ do not have full time employment,​ and are on​ limited income,​ the​ requirement is​ down to​ about $900 each month .​
They also will ask for an​ active checking account - one that has been active for at​ least six months .​
Once they approve your payday loan,​ the​ money will be sent to​ your checking account .​
It will also be taken out of​ the​ account,​ too,​ or​ they will simply put your postdated check through the​ bank .​
The first loan will not provide much - possibly up to​ $400 .​
After that,​ though,​ and if​ you​ have paid on​ time each time,​ the​ amount that you​ can get increases to​ a​ maximum of​ about $1,​500 with some lenders .​
Payday loans are a​ great way to​ get cash in​ a​ hurry .​
Only the​ first one is​ free,​ however – and not all of​ them will do this .​
After that,​ you​ will probably only want to​ use it​ when you​ have no other choice .​
The interest rate is​ high - sometimes even very high .​
It runs anywhere between 15 and 30% in​ most cases,​ so you​ will want to​ shop around some in​ order to​ get the​ best rates .​
As you​ can see,​ it​ costs for the​ convenience - but it​ is​ quick and will help you​ in​ those emergency cash needs.

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