Free Ipod Downloads Entertainment In Your Palms

Free Ipod Downloads Entertainment In Your Palms

Free iPod Downloads - Entertainment In Your Palms
I don’t like free music because my pockets are filled with wrappers,​ receipts and lint,​ although admittedly,​ seeing as​ how I​ know no other existence,​ its difficult to​ really be sure about that .​
No,​ the​ reason I​ like free music is​ because I​ am inherently a​ fan of​ purity and origin and intention .​
I​ understand the​ realistic makeup of​ the​ world we​ live within and that everyone needs to​ pay their electric bill; and that’s why I’m not here to​ criticize revenue-garnering music (although I​ think that everything has reasonable limits) .​
But,​ I​ would like to​ strongly emphasize my love and appreciation for free music .​
It seems to​ me that the​ word free is​ a​ double-entendre.
And surprisingly enough,​ helping further this free spread of​ artistic expression is​ none other than the​ ipod .​
I​ make the​ preceeding sentence appear in​ a​ sense of​ surprise because the​ music industry along with Apple have been quite concerned with the​ future of​ recorded music,​ due to​ free downloading,​ but that’s just one side of​ ipod’s story .​
the​ nature of​ apple computers,​ conducive to​ artistic creation,​ has allowed all sorts of​ amalgams of​ new and old technology come together in​ new forms of​ music; and the​ ipod is​ helping to​ spread the​ works to​ anyone who would like to​ listen .​

Several artists have begu​n to​ experiment with the​ new capabilities using their Macs,​ instruments and ipods .​
To a​ good deal of​ them,​ it’s about the​ music,​ and they have thusly put their music online as​ free ipod downloads .​
These are completely legal,​ as​ they have not only the​ consent,​ but also the​ encouragement of​ the​ creators .​
This is​ a​ side of​ free downloading that should be giving all persons involved with music something to​ smile about .​
To music aficionados,​ its really the​ way that things are supposed to​ be,​ for the​ musicians it​ gives them a​ forum from which to​ extend their craft and for the​ executives,​ it​ can mean that people are getting excited about music again .​

Who would have thought that the​ esoteric nature of​ my passion for free music would be represented and carried by something like free downloading on​ your ipod (a previously dirty secret that had all sorts of​ difficult paradoxes) .​
No matter,​ I​ just want to​ let the​ music ring.

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