Flash Video Chat Software For Websites

Flash Video Chat Software For Websites

Fcschat.com has released flash video chat,​ video messenger ,​ 1to1 video chat plugins for webmasters. These plugins can be easily integrated in​ any existing websites. the​ flash video chat plugins are compatible with postnuke,​phpnuke sites too.

fcschat.com provides professionally developed,​ fully managed flash audio video chat solution for websites. it​ is​ a​ multi-user flash audio video chat software developed in​ macromedia flash MX 2004. it​ uses Macromedia flash communication server for its good quality audio video compression. you​ can adjust the​ camera bandwidth/compression and quality for flash video chat as​ per your site requirements. you​ can also opt in​ for a​ Firewall/Proxy version that works with firewall using HTTP Tunneling on​ port 80. it​ is​ the​ one of​ the​ best flash video chat available on​ net which can be customized to​ meet the​ looks of​ your site. Some of​ its features are:
1) Stable Flash video chat front end
2) Compressed audio video streaming
3) Set video Bandwidth
4) Set video Quality/compression
5) Customize Gender,​ webcam icon
6) Create Private rooms(Advanced and Premium Plans)
7) Create static rooms
8) Create dynamic rooms
9) Control audio volume
10) Publish/un-publish camera,​ mic
11) Private messages
12) One click room change
13) Bold,​Italic,​underline text chat
14) smileys support in​ chat
15) color palette for font colors

16) Ignore/un-ignore users
17) View number of​ users in​ rooms
18) automatic detection of​ camera and mic
19) Easy to​ integrate
20) View Multiple cameras in​ Premium chat Plan

You can get an​ additional admin panel for flash video chat to​ control the​ chat in​ advanced and premium versions.
The admin features are :
1) Administer flash video chat in​ invisible mode
2) View public/private conversations
3) View/listen any user in​ chat
4) Kick users
6) Ban users for a​ fixed time.
7) Realtime Data Transfer Stats
8) Auto Deleting Dynamic Empty rooms
9) View Private Rooms.

Flash video chat Integration: it​ can be easily integrated with postnuke. Users logged in​ postnuke can be loged into the​ chat without any need to​ provide their userid again.
It can be integrated with asp,​ php,​ cold fusion,​ jsp... etc. There are no special requirements for its integration.

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