Five Reasons To Use Micr Check Printing Software

Five Reasons to​ Use MICR Check Printing Software
Did you​ know you​ could print your own checks for as​ little as​ 4 cents per check?
If you​ write a​ lot of​ checks,​ have multiple bank accounts,​ multiple businesses or​ use pre-numbered checks,​ I​ have good news for your .​
MICR printing software is​ very affordable and will save you​ both time and money.
Here are five reasons to​ seriously consider using MICR check printing software:
1 .​
Pre-numbered checks are not cheap .​
You can save as​ much as​ 10 cents per check by printing your own checks.
2 .​
If you​ use pre-numbered checks and make a​ mistake,​ you​ have to​ void the​ check number and print another check .​
It takes you​ more time and will cost you​ even more money.. .​
even if​ the​ printer goofed and you​ didn't!
3 .​
The MICR check printing software can be used with your current accounting program .​
You'll recover your MICR software investment quickly .​
4 .​
Good MICR check printing software will print all required check information plus your signature in​ one-pass .​
No need to​ waste your time re-running or​ signing checks.
5 .​
Most businesses already have the​ laser printer required to​ print MICR checks .​
By far the​ most popular printer for MICR checks printing is​ the​ HP LaserJet .​
In addition to​ the​ laser printer,​ you'll need two more items:
First,​ you​ need an​ MICR Toner cartridge designed specifically for your laser printer .​
To learn how to​ purchase MICR toner cartridges at​ huge savings,​ check out .​
Second,​ you'll need blank check safety paper to​ insure quality printing.
Of the​ five reasons mentioned above,​ the​ one-pass MICR printing software option is​ the​ most important .​
If the​ MICR software has to​ print more than one time,​ you​ run the​ risk of​ wasting time and paper .​
Remember,​ you​ want your MICR printing software to​ save you​ both time and money.
So,​ if​ you​ want to​ reduce your cost and time without sacrificing check quality,​ check out MICR check printing software today .​
The savings will add up quickly.

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