First Aid Is Important For The Workplace

First Aid Is Important For The Workplace

First Aid Is Important For the​ Workplace
There are four major components of​ workplace firstaid,​ namely; firstaider,​ firstaid,​ box,​ firstaid room,​ and​ firstaid equipment. ​
When deciding on​ the​ number of​ firstaiders,​ firstaid box,​ firstaid room and​ firstaid equipment for the​ workplace,​ the​ following factors should be considered type of​ industry,​ number of​ workers,​ number of​ work shifts,​ and​ location of​ workplace in​ relation to​ the​ nearest hospital or​ aid station.
If there is​ a​ shift work schedule,​ there should be a​ sufficient number of​ firstaiders for each shift based. ​
In a​ worksite where employees of​ different employers,​ such as​ in​ construction,​ are working together. ​
The principal employer should provide and​ maintain safe systems of​ work which include provisions for adequate and​ appropriate firstaider,​ firstaid box,​ firstaid room if ​ needed and​ firstaid equipment.
However,​ the​ relevant employers may make arrangement where one of​ them agrees to​ provide adequate and​ appropriate firstaider,​ firstaid box,​ firstaid room if ​ needed and​ firstaid equipment. ​
The agreement should be recorded in​ writing and​ a​ copy of​ the​ agreement should be kept by each employer concerned.
An employer should display a​ notice,​ in​ a​ prominent place in​ the​ worksite,​ of​ the​ names and​ locations of​ firstaiders. ​
Firstaiders should also be provided with a​ form of​ identification for easy recognition. ​
An employer shall,​ from time to​ time,​ recruit or​ select suitable persons to​ go for firstaid training. ​
The employer should consider persons with the​ following qualities to​ be trained in​ firstaid physically fit,​ free from blood borne infectious diseases,​ and​ free to​ leave their work immediately to​ respond to​ an emergency
The training will be a​ course on​ firstaid conducted by institutions recognized by a​ governing body. ​
The local telephone book will have many listings on​ companies given courses. ​
Depending on​ the​ number of​ trainees,​ they will come to​ your workplace. ​
Once trained,​ firstaiders will need to​ undergo recertification. ​
Check with the​ course giver on​ years of​ validation. ​
Employers should keep a​ record of​ the​ dates on​ which firstaiders obtained their training and​ the​ dates on​ which they received refresher training.
In the​ management of​ an injured worker or​ ill worker,​ firstaiders should
Give immediate firstaid treatment,​ keeping in​ mind that a​ casualty may have more serious injuries and​ illness
Arrange without delay for the​ injured workers to​ be sent to​ a​ doctor,​
hospital or​ home,​ according to​ the​ seriousness of​ this condition.
This firstaider’s responsibility ends when the​ injuried are handed over to​ the​ care of​ health care personnel.
A record of​ the​ injury and​ treatment given by the​ firstaider should be made.
This record shall be kept by the​ employer for a​ period of​ five years.
The record should include information on
The immediate treatment
Details about the​ incident/accident including information about the​ work process involved
Details about injury or​ workrelated illness
Any referral arrangements made such as​ the​ usage of​ local ambulance service,​ referral to​ local hospital
Subsequent injury management.
Firstaid boxes should be made of​ sturdy material and​ be portable so that it​ can be taken to​ the​ site of​ an incident. ​
The boxes should also be clearly marked and​ kept current with a​ written record of​ contents. ​
Each firstaid box should be placed in​ a​ clearly marked area. ​
Where a​ workplace covers a​ large area,​ an adequate number
of firstaid boxes should be provided. ​
Employees should be informed of​ the​ location of​ all first aid boxes.
Firstaid boxes should contain a​ sufficient quantity of​ suitable firstaid materials.
They should not contain oral medication of​ any kind other than those required for firstaid treatment. ​
it​ is​ essential that firstaid boxes be checked frequently so as​ to​ make sure they are fully equipped and​ all items are usable. ​
Materials used should be replaced as​ soon as​ possible. ​
The size and​ contents will be determined by the​ number of​ employees and​ type of​ industry. ​
In the​ firstaid box,​ it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ have a​ quick reference sheet in​ firstaid and​ booklet. ​
a​ quick reference sheet is​ handy for quick analysis of​ an injury. ​
Send for one and​ we​ can email one.

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