Fireplace Screens Just For Decoration

Originally fireplace screens where designed with the primary purpose of​ protecting the area directly in​ front of​ the fireplace, helping reduce the risk of​ fire. Constructed of​ materials to​ withstand​ the extreme heat produced by a​ wood-burning fireplace, how they looked was unimportant. Modern fireplace screens incorporate the same safety features but with the added benefit of​ numerous designs and​ styles to​ compliment your​ home’s décor and​ serve as​ much as​ a​ piece of​ decoration​ as​ a​ safety feature.

Ranging from a​ simple one piece flat black fireplace accessory to​ hand​ crafted works of​ art, fireplace screens incorporate the major trends in​ home décor. Offering finishing’s in​ a​ variety of​ polishes such as: copper, bronze iron, satin​ black, polished brass, pewter, antique brass, natural iron, ancient age plus combinations of​ various materials. Decorative screens can also be manufactured from stained glass and​ incorporate intricate cuts and​ designs looking more like a​ piece of​ art than fireplace screen.

Not limited to​ just being a​ safety accessory, fireplace screens can add realism to​ your​ gas or​ electric fireplace, completing the look you​ are trying to​ achieve bringing warmth and​ beauty to​ your​ hearth and​ home. as​ a​ final thought, when selecting your​ screen make sure the size you​ select neither over-powers your​ fireplace distracting from the overall look or​ that it​ is​ too small and​ looks out of​ place.

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