Fireplace Decorating

Fireplace Decorating

Fireplace decorating is​ more than just what you​ put on​ your​ mantel. It’s the culmination​ of​ your​ personal style that pulls your​ look together. a​ natural focal point because of​ its size and​ usually centrally-located position, the fireplace is​ an​ important place to​ start when you​ consider your​ décor.

Where do you​ start when decorating the fireplace? Start by surveying the fireplace itself. What do you​ see? is​ your​ fireplace brick dark, ugly or​ just old, old, old? Worse, is​ it​ boring? Has it​ been painted by previous owners to​ a​ shade that makes you​ cringe? Brick paint or​ fireplace paint that’s specially-formulated to​ withstand​ the demands of​ a​ fireplace can wash over the drab, old brick—even if​ it’s been painted before—and​ completely revitalize your​ fireplace and​ your​ room. The process is​ easy, fun, and​ can be completed in​ a​ few hours. The cost is​ only a​ fraction​ of​ the price of​ re-facing or​ remodeling your​ fireplace and​ you’ll be surprised at​ the impact.

Now that you’ve brightened the masonry, step back and​ see how your​ mantel fits into your​ fireplace decorating project. Does it​ compliment or​ compete with the fireplace? What color is​ the mantel? Does it​ draw the eye with an​ attractive, clean style and​ finish? if​ not, see what other mantels might fit better.

Since the mantel is​ at​ eye-level, it’s natural that its decoration​ draws attention​ first. Heirloom, pictures, beautiful knick knacks and​ things dear to​ the heart will make the truest statement about your​ home. Artwork is​ always striking above your​ fireplace, so include unique displays like a​ single, bold piece in​ a​ beautiful frame, or​ try clustering smaller paintings or​ prints in​ asymmetrical groups for​ contemporary, interesting impact. you​ can also group items of​ similar shape or​ color on​ your​ mantel for​ a​ whimsical look, again​ trying differently symmetrical configurations since an​ aspect of​ incongruity is​ pleasing to​ the eye.

Now move to​ the hearth, the next area of​ your​ fireplace decorating project. Balance is​ the name of​ the game when it​ comes to​ your​ hearth, so try a​ potted plant or​ topiary on​ either side of​ your​ fireplace opening. Beautifully polished andirons also create a​ classic, balanced tableau. if​ your​ mantel displays candles, sculptures or​ vases in​ equal measure on​ each side, try shaking up the scene on​ your​ hearth with a​ stunning set of​ fireplace tools at​ one end, and​ a​ gleaming wood holder at​ the other. Those who prefer a​ sleek, bare look can try a​ simple, striking clock or​ a​ wreath hung over the mantel.

Fireplace decorating is​ important even if​ you​ don’t use your​ fireplace regularly. Placing a​ candelabra inside your​ empty fireplace adds a​ touch of​ personality and​ gives your​ fireplace a​ polished look. Seasonal variations like a​ cornucopia in​ the fall, a​ basket of​ pine cones in​ the winter, flower arrangements in​ the spring and​ even a​ collection​ of​ sea shells and​ driftwood in​ the summer make your​ fireplace a​ living part of​ your​ home.

As you​ move to​ the end of​ your​ decorating project, don’t forget form when thinking function. The very finish of​ your​ fireplace tool set, wood holder, andirons and​ firebacks pull together your​ complete look. if​ your​ living room style is​ understated and​ elegant, polished brass pieces always look smart. if​ you​ have a​ more casual décor, copper, bronze and​ even black iron​ tools look stylish, not fussy. More contemporary? Nothing says ‘modern’ quite like brushed pewter. Underscore your​ preference in​ finishes by choosing a​ matching fireplace screen, or​ the perfectly brilliant pair of​ glass fireplace doors, which work well for​ masonry, prefabricated and​ firebox insert fireplaces.

Fireplace decorating is​ the quickest, easiest way to​ pull together a​ total look for​ any room. if​ you​ create a​ warm, beautiful and​ inviting environment, you’ll find your​ fireplace becomes a​ focal point around which your​ family can’t wait to​ gather.

Fireplace Decorating Quick Tips:

* Paint the inside of​ your​ fireplace with black fireplace paint. this​ will cover any unsightly stains and​ make the opening look like new.

* Look to​ see if​ your​ mantle color competes with the overall look of​ your​ fireplace. No mantel? Try a​ pretty wreath instead.

* Balance your​ accessories. Try a​ large mirror in​ the middle and​ a​ topiary on​ each end. Or, a​ large picture in​ the middle and​ decorative vases or​ urns on​ each side. But remember, asymmetrical groupings can make interesting focal points, too.

* if​ you​ have a​ real wood burning fireplace or​ wood stove, a​ hearth rug will protect your​ floor from falling embers. Decorative fireplace tools are also a​ plus.

* if​ you​ don't use your​ fireplace, you​ can still decorate for​ a​ stylish, easy look. Try a​ large fern in​ the opening, or​ a​ candelabra.

* Seasonal fireplace decorating is​ always fun, and​ may be the easiest place to​ start. a​ collection​ of​ grape vines, white lights, small pumpkins and​ gourds creates a​ great fall look. Re-use those white lights with greenery and​ red candles for​ the merriest mantel during Christmas.

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