Finding The Right Property Rental Software

Finding the​ Right Property Rental Software
If you​ run or​ manage a​ busy property rental agency,​ then you​ may be considering buying some software to​ automate the​ lettings process – making your office more efficient and cost-effective .​
There are many different software packages on​ the​ market,​ so how do you​ choose which is​ right for you? When you​ are looking at​ software suppliers,​ ask the​ following questions:
1 .​
Do you​ offer a​ free trial?
Software developers and suppliers who are confident about the​ quality of​ their software will usually offer a​ free trial .​
This lets you​ see exactly how the​ software would work in​ the​ context of​ your business,​ and allows you​ to​ compare it​ with other packages you​ may have worked with or​ trialled previously .​
Software can be expensive,​ and you​ should always try and see it​ in​ action before you​ buy.
2 .​
What about staff training?
It can be difficult to​ get to​ grips with new software,​ particularly for staff who are used to​ working with a​ different package,​ or​ who are not confident using computers .​
a​ good property rental software company should offer training to​ everyone who is​ going to​ be using the​ system .​
That way,​ the​ company can be sure that the​ software is​ being used in​ the​ right way,​ and the​ letting agents are confident that staff are happy using the​ system.
3 .​
is​ it​ flexible?
There may be elements of​ the​ standard software package that aren’t applicable to​ your agency; or​ you​ may have additional requirements that aren’t included .​
Ask the​ software company if​ their package can be tailored to​ your needs and those of​ your business.
4 .​
Do you​ provide software support?
Most software packages have times when they don’t do what the​ users expect them to​ .​
As the​ manager of​ a​ busy agency,​ you​ need to​ know that if​ something goes wrong with the​ system,​ there will be telephone and on-site support from the​ software company .​
In some cases,​ support will come as​ part of​ the​ package and in​ others you​ may incur a​ fee .​
Find out how your supplier works.
A new software solution is​ an​ expensive commitment for any agency .​
Before you​ decide to​ buy,​ make sure you’re confident that what you’re getting is​ right for you.

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