Finding An Inventory Software Solution That Fits Your Business Needs

Finding an​ Inventory Software Solution that Fits Your Business Needs
If you're looking for an​ inventory software solution,​ a​ simple Web search gives you​ a​ myriad of​ options .​
It's difficult to​ know which inventory management software will fit your needs,​ so here are some tips to​ find the​ system that is​ right for you.
Choose an​ Industry Leader
Inventory control software is​ too important to​ leave to​ companies that haven't proven their mettle .​
The best products come from companies that have deployed their software in​ a​ wide variety of​ industries,​ from aerospace and apparel to​ manufacturing and sporting goods .​
Look for Robust Functionality
The best inventory software solutions provide you​ with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that integrates solutions for all aspects of​ your business .​
Features to​ look for include:
Analytics: Information is​ critical to​ managing and growing your business,​ but you​ need more than numbers on​ a​ page to​ transform data into actionable information .​
Robust inventory control software will give you​ a​ range of​ customizable reporting options,​ including advanced analysis for the​ decision makers in​ your company.
Expiration Date Tracking: If your inventory includes time-sensitive products,​ your inventory software should track expiration dates from the​ moment they are received until they are shipped .​
Because expiration-related issues could crop up in​ the​ future,​ the​ software should also include the​ ability to​ track historical expiration date data .​
Manufacturing: Smooth production cycles depend upon sound management of​ resource planning and production .​
The right software can allow you​ to​ gain a​ competitive advantage because it​ gives you​ the​ ability to​ respond quickly to​ the​ needs of​ your customers .​
Remote Data Collection: the​ top inventory software providers can combine software and hardware solutions that will allow you​ to​ remotely access vendor and customer data,​ track inventory and fixed assets,​ and issue sales orders and receive purchase orders .​
Retail Management: If you​ have retail locations,​ look for an​ inventory software solution that can increase the​ productivity of​ your employees,​ adjust inventory at​ point-of-sale,​ and automate purchasing.
And,​ of​ Course,​ Inventory Control
The inventory software solution that you​ choose should have the​ ability to​ track serial number,​ print barcodes,​ and store item images .​
It should allow you​ to​ define automatic reorder points,​ the​ purchase currency and cost,​ and the​ sales currency and cost .​
If you​ have unique pricing requirements,​ the​ software should allow you​ to​ assign different price points to​ the​ same item .​
It should also allow for manual counts and adjustments,​ as​ well as​ provide an​ audit trail for inventory adjustments .​
Flexibility is​ Key
An inventory software solution should be robust,​ but it​ should also be flexible .​
If,​ for example,​ you​ deal in​ apparel,​ a​ module that tracks color,​ size,​ and style should be available .​
If your company provides service and returns,​ you​ may need a​ module that allows you​ to​ issue return merchandise authorization numbers,​ receive replacement items from your vendors,​ and issue replacement items to​ your customers .​
Whichever inventory software solution you​ choose,​ make sure that it​ has both the​ features you​ need at​ the​ present time,​ and those that you​ may need in​ the​ future .​
In today's competitive marketplace,​ you​ can't afford not to​ have the​ most up-to-date information available in​ a​ form that enables you​ to​ make decisions in​ response to​ market demands.

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