Female Hair Loss Treatments And Why Hair Loss Is Different On Venus

Female Hair Loss Treatments And Why Hair Loss Is Different On Venus

Female Hair Loss Treatments and ​ Why Hair Loss is​ Different on​ Venus
Female hair loss treatments often differ to​ mens,​ for​ a​ number of​ reasons. ​
The main prescription hair loss treatment for​ men,​ the​ ​Drug​ propecia,​ is​ generally not as​ effective in​ women,​ although an Italian study seemed to​ show some promise with it.
The study followed the​ experience of​ 37 women who were given 2.5 mg of​ propecia a​ day,​ as​ well as​ the​ contraceptive pill. ​
as​ propecia can cause deformities in​ the​ development of​ a​ male fetus sex organs,​ propecia cannot be given to​ women who have a​ chance of​ conceiving,​ or​ who are pregnant.
Results were measured by taking photos of​ the​ womens heads,​ and ​ using a​ technique called computerized light videodermoscopy to​ measure the​ density of​ hairs. ​
Women tend to​ have thinning hair when they suffer hair loss,​ and ​ Don't often go completely bald.
After 12 months of​ treatment,​ 23 women 62% had improvements in​ their hair thickness. ​
Those women who had most hair loss down the​ middle of​ the​ top of​ the​ head,​ showed the​ most improvement. ​
Only one woman was found to​ have worse hair loss. ​

But more studies on​ propecia as​ a​ female hair loss treatment need to​ be conducted before it​ is​ given the​ green light as​ a​ treatment option. ​
Not only is​ there the​ issue of​ fetal damage,​ making it​ a​ risky ​Drug​ for​ women,​ but this study is​ not conclusive as​ evidence that it​ will actually work for​ all,​ or​ most,​ women.
Generally,​ women are given topical treatments like minoxidil to​ encourage hair growth. ​
Minoxidil has drawbacks in​ that it​ has to​ be applied to​ the​ scalp twice a​ day,​ and ​ some women are allergic to​ it. ​
Unfortunately,​ scientists have not come up with a​ hair loss medication that will definitely work for​ women.
Another reason female hair loss treatments differ to​ mens is​ that the​ causes of​ female hair loss often vary. ​
Hair loss in​ women is​ often associated with hormonal changes like menopause,​ discontinuing birth control pills,​ and ​ after pregnancy. ​
There is​ a​ 3 month delay before signs of​ hair loss will appear,​ so if ​ youre noticing hair loss now,​ it​ was probably triggered 3 months ago. ​
And it​ can take another 3 months before new growth starts to​ show.
Another factor in​ female hair loss is​ excessive dieting or​ sudden weight loss. ​
Hair requires nutrients to​ grow just as​ any other part of​ the​ body does,​ What we​ eat can not only affect how shiny and ​ healthy our hair appears,​ but also hair loss. ​
Whilst men can suffer hair loss from similar weight loss,​ women tend to​ be more involved with extreme diets than men.
Female hair loss can also be an indicator of​ a​ medical condition,​ such as​ an underactive thyroid gland,​ diabetes,​ anemia,​ and ​ PCOS. ​
Its a​ good idea to​ get these possible issued ruled out by a​ doctor first. ​
if ​ they are at ​ the​ root of​ the​ hair loss problem,​ no amount of​ hair loss medications or​ topical treatments or​ hair vitamins is​ going to​ stop hair loss until that is​ treated.
Hair loss that is​ caused by physical or​ emotional stress generally resolves itself when the​ stressor is​ dealt with,​ without any female hair loss treatment. ​
But because of​ the​ hairs growth cycles,​ it​ can take 6 months before any improvement is​ noticed.

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