Female Hair Loss Treatment And Information

Did you​ know that female hair loss is​ part of​ the​ lives of​ more than 25 million women in​ the​ United States alone? Most of​ them are not using any female hair loss treatment and only few are aware of​ the​ existing hair loss treatments. in​ almost all the​ cases Female hair loss could be avoided,​ stopped and new hair growth could be stimulated.

Female pattern hair loss is​ similar to​ what is​ known as​ the​ "male pattern hair loss" for​ men. it​ is​ caused by an​ increasing amount of​ a​ chemical called DHT which usually occurs in​ the​ menopause age. as​ opposed to​ men,​ women usually suffer from thinning hair around the​ forehead and crown of​ their scalp,​ and not a​ complete baldness.

There are several available treatments for​ female hair loss of​ this kind:

Natural female hair loss treatment – There are several natural products that showed good results in​ stopping female hair loss like Advecia and Revivogen. These products are made up of​ hair growth vitamins,​ herbs and minerals and have no side effects.

Female hair loss products – the​ most popular hair loss product for​ women is​ Rogaine. Rogaine is​ the​ only FDA approved female hair loss treatment. Its' main component is​ called Minoxidil which is​ a​ DHT inhibitor.

Other less common female hair loss treatments like wigs,​ hair thickeners and hair transplants are not recommended.

Another kind of​ female hair loss is​ a​ temporary hair loss. This kind could be a​ result of​ metabolic problems during pregnancy,​ a​ severe stress condition,​ chemotherapy,​ high fever or​ infections. the​ treatment in​ these cases would be stopping the​ medical problems as​ soon as​ possible. This would also result the​ hair regrowth.

If you​ do not suffer from female hair loss we​ congratulate you​ and advice you​ to​ use regularly a​ shampoo,​ a​ conditioner and moisturize and to​ maintain a​ healthy diet. if​ you​ start losing your hair do not ignore it. you​ can stop your hair loss. Good luck.

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