Female Hair Loss Finding A Hair Loss Solution

Female Hair Loss Finding a​ Hair Loss Solution
As a​ female,​ if ​ you​ are facing thinning and ​ losing hair,​ you​ are probably pretty stressed by it. ​
However,​ you​ will not be worrying and ​ causing more hair to​ drop once you​ understand some facts about female hair loss. ​

You see,​ in​ many cases,​ female hair loss is​ just a​ temporary occurance and ​ hence,​ finding a​ hair loss solution to​ it​ is​ relatively easy.
Androgenetic alopecia is​ the​ hereditary form of​ baldness that affects 50 percent of​ men,​ and ​ some women after 40. ​
Female hair loss usually starts after menopause although it​ can begin earlier. ​
The main reason for​ this is​ that estrogen levels decline. ​
Hormonal changes cause hair to​ thin. ​

It is​ comforting to​ note that other than androgenetic alopecia,​ the​ most common cause of​ hair loss in​ women,​ is​ a​ result of​ metabolic and ​ hormonal changes. ​
Thus,​ the​ hair loss is​ usually temporary. ​
Also,​ unlike men,​ women rarely become totally bald. ​
However,​ what females generally experience is​ the​ thinning of​ their hair. ​

For example,​ in​ the​ case of​ pregnancy,​ hair loss is​ temporary and ​ should stop about 6 months after birth. ​
When a​ woman is​ pregnant,​ a​ large amount of​ oestrogen is​ produced causing the​ hair follicles to​ go into their growth phase. ​
Once the​ baby is​ born,​ the​ woman’s hormonal balance is​ restored. ​
the​ reverse now happens with the​ hair follicles going into a​ hair loss phase. ​
While nothing much can be done to​ prevent hair loss during this period,​ applying hair tonic to​ hasten hair regrowth can be a​ helpful solution. ​

Crash diets leading to​ rapid weight loss over a​ short period of​ time prompts excessive hair loss. ​

Physical and ​ emotional stress can cause hair loss but this usually only occurs after a​ prolonged period of​ time and ​ in​ extreme cases. ​

Once stress levels are restored to​ normal levels,​ hair loss should stop. ​
Thus,​ a​ good hair loss solution is​ to​ find ways to​ reduce stress!
Certain ​Drug​s can also cause hair to​ shed. ​
The most common medical treatment that causes hair loss is​ chemotherapy. ​
The ​Drug​ medication attacks the​ hair cells,​ causing hair loss from the​ scalp. ​
Certain prescription ​Drug​s for​ thyroid hormone deficiency,​ diabetes and ​ lupus and ​ dieting supplements are also causes of​ hair loss. ​
Once these ​Drug​ medications are stopped,​ the​ hair loss problem should disappear.
Other stresses to​ the​ hair may include frequent dyeing and ​ chemicals eg. ​
perming solutions applied to​ the​ hair. ​
Generally,​ healthy hair can undergo these treatments without showing signs of​ stress,​ if ​ they are not done too often. ​
But if ​ hair is​ not allowed a​ chance to​ recover from the​ constant application of​ hair chemicals,​ then it​ becomes brittle and ​ starts to​ break off. ​
Hair loss treatment products to​ help strengthen the​ follicles should help when applied to​ the​ scalp.
Once you​ understand what is​ happening to​ your hair,​ then seek out the​ right hair loss solution. ​
in​ most cases,​ if ​ the​ cause is​ temporary,​ then you​ can be assured that your problem will pass with the​ right remedy actions. ​
However,​ for​ the​ more serious cases,​ do seek the​ professional help of​ a​ licensed dermatologist for​ a​ complete diagnosis and ​ treatment plan.

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