Fall And Winter Maintenance Hints

Fall And Winter Maintenance Hints

Fall and​ winter maintenance hints

Engine oil (level, colour) remember winter engine idling is​ hard on​ the oil
Coolant (level, concentration​ of​ antifreeze, condition) depends where you​ live -45 celcius or​ -50 F is​ a​ good level.
Transmission​ (fluid level, condition, leaks?) Has it​ been serviced recently? is​ the colour of​ the fluid nice and​ red and​ how does it​ smell (ie: burned smell?)
Power steering fluid (level, condition) Same as​ transmission: check smell and​ colour.
Belts & hose (condition) check for​ crackes and/or frayed belts. Hoses and​ clamps, check for​ cracks and​ leaks
Battery and​ battery cables (charge level, condition, corrosion) keep the battery clamps clean
Spark plug wires (loose, damaged?) when was the last tune-up? Vehicles are harder to​ start in​ the winter
Air filter- make sure to​ check with a​ light, if​ the light shines through the filter it​ is​ OK, clean filter by tapping against a​ wall
Windshield washer fluid- be sure to​ install winter washer fluids. (you​ don't want a​ solid block of​ ice in​ your​ washer)
Under the Car

Exhaust system (leaks, damage)------- exhaust fumes can kill !!!!!!
Steering (loose, worn or​ damaged parts) How much free-play in​ your​ steeringwheel?
Suspension​ (ball joints, shocks, struts, springs) These parts can fall apart and​ you'll have no steering
Ride height (ground clearance) look for​ broken exhaust pipes, mufler hanging down
Motor mounts (inspect bushings for​ rips, cracks, breaks) These are harder to​ check, watch for​ excesive engine movement.
Outside the Car

Wiper blades (condition) winter blades prefered, these blades wont plug-up with snow and​ ice.(keeps the blade flat
All lights (proper operation, angle of​ beam) include fog and​ driving lights
Tires (very important) your​ life rides on​ these. All Wheel Drives (AWD) ALL FOUR TIRES....Same size and​ same brand!
Studded snowtires Front Wheel Drive (FWD) Studded tires all around, (this​ should prevent the backend of​ you​ vehicle trying to​ pass you​ on​ an​ icy road)
Inside the Car
Brake pedal (tightness) if​ you​ have a​ spongy pedal you​ may have air in​ the system or​ worse brakepads and/or shoes worn.
Brake and​ warning lights (bulb check) when you​ first start the vehicle these bulbs should light up for​ a​ few seconds
Heater (proper operation) Sometimes heater cores plug-up and​ you​ wont have enough flow to​ heat inside or​ proper defrost
Front and​ rear defrosters (proper operation) Rear window is​ electric, are all grids working?

Fall And Winter Maintenance Hints

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