Facts You Should Know About Ipods

Facts You Should Know About iPods
iPod is​ one of​ the​ most successful consumer electronic products in​ history .​
It is​ the​ best selling mp3 / mp4 player in​ the​ market today .​
The combination of​ sound quality,​ sleek design and unique user interface,​ made the​ iPod a​ hit,​ causing an​ entire industry of​ accessories to​ emerge almost overnight.
The Apple Corporation first released the​ iPod on​ October 23,​ 2001.
Presently we​ are now on​ the​ 5th generation of​ iPod.
The first generation - Mp3 player with mechanical scroll wheel and four buttons.
The second generation - It has touch-sensitive wheel,​ 10 GB and 20 GB hard drives.
The third generation - It has touch-sensitive bottoms and USB connectivity.
The fourth generation - It has click-wheel and only two hard disk version,​ 20 GB and 40 GB.
The fifth generation - Mp4 player with 60 GB memory storage and video capability.
iPod has won several awards ranging from engineering excellence,​ to​ most innovative audio product .​
Very often it​ receives favorable reviews on​ looks,​ designs and handling.
iPod was designed as​ an​ mp3 / mp4 player for people with an​ active lifestyle .​
It is​ compact,​ sturdy and lightweight enough to​ take with you wherever you go .​
It was designed to​ fit comfortably in​ the​ palm of​ your hand or​ to​ be carried into a​ pocket or​ purse for easy transportation.
It comes in​ many storage capacities from 512 MG to​ 80 GB .​
The amount of​ memory it​ can hold,​ depends on​ the​ model or​ on​ the​ compression rate of​ your songs.
As an​ mp3 player it​ was designed to​ provide the​ best quality sound .​
It has a​ powerful 60 MW amplifier so it​ can deliver audio as​ loud as​ you want .​
It also has a​ 20 MZ to​ 20 KHZ frequency response,​ which means you can hear distortion free music at​ the​ lowest pitches.
iPod built-in rechargeable battery provides between 8 to​ 20 hours of​ music playtime depending on​ your model .​
Using the​ appropriate stereo adapter your iPod will sound great on​ your home or​ car stereo system .​
All iPod`s come as​ standard with a​ non removable lithium rechargeable battery .​
The battery charge will last about 14 to​ 28 days without use .​
The lcd display shows the​ battery level on​ the​ upper right corner of​ the​ screen .​
You may charge your iPod by connecting it​ to​ an​ Apple iPod Power Adapter or​ connecting it​ to​ a​ USB port of​ a​ computer .​
a​ full charge takes approximately four hours while 80% charge will require at​ least one hour.
Apple has designed the​ iPod,​ as​ an​ mp3 player,​ to​ work with the​ iTunes media library software,​ which allows you to​ select your music on​ your computer and on​ your ipod .​
iTunes can automatically synchronize this mp3 player with specific playlists or​ with the​ entire content of​ a​ music library each time you connect your iPod to​ a​ host computer.
The first three generations of​ iPod used two ARM 7TDMI derived CPUs running at​ 90 MHZ,​ while later models have variable speed chips which run at​ a​ peak of​ 80 MHZ to​ save battery life .​
Another great feature of​ owning an​ iPod is​ the​ fact that someone can record a​ discussion and then post the​ audio file on​ the​ internet .​
This means people can download the​ file and listen to​ the​ file on​ their iPod .​
As an​ mp4 player,​ with iTunes 4.9,​ you can now browse and subscribe to​ podcasts at​ the​ iTunes Website .​
Podcasts are radio shows or​ other audio/video programs that are downloadable over the​ internet.
In order for you to​ be a​ more satisfied iPod customer,​ as​ to​ the​ usability and longer battery life spam of​ this mp3-mp4 player you should consider the​ following tips:
- Keep it​ turned off when not using it.
- Update to​ the​ latest software.
- Keep it​ at​ room temperature whenever possible.
- If you are not using the​ backlighting,​ turn it​ off.
-Turning off the​ equalizer will save you battery.
- Use compressed songs.
With the​ availability of​ compact audio format,​ we​ have had mp3 players such as​ iPod,​ which provided an​ unprecedented portability to​ eager electronic consumers .​
Now iPod,​ as​ mp4 players,​ is​ already able to​ deliver video capability and a​ whole new set of​ features and services yet to​ come.
Roberto Sedycias
IT Consultant
This article is​ under GNU FDL license and can be distributed without any previous authorization from the​ author .​
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