Facts About Hair Transplant Procedures

Facts about Hair Transplant Procedures
It is​ getting more common for​ people to​ get hair transplant procedures as​ the​ methods keep improving. ​
it​ is​ just less obvious than in​ earlier times when everyone could spot a​ person with bad hair plugs. ​
Yet,​ there are still a​ few facts about hair transplant surgery that are not widely known. ​

1. ​
a​ large percentage of​ men have balding issues. ​
in​ fact,​ 50% of​ American men that are 50 years old or​ older are dealing with some amount of​ hair loss. ​
Hair problems in​ todays society beg to​ be conquered. ​
Some do it​ by shaving their heads completely. ​
Others take the​ exact opposite route and ​ have hair transplant surgery. ​
Those who accept their baldness may have a​ healthy psyche,​ but they are slightly out of​ step with the​ rest of​ the​ world. ​

2. ​
the​ procedure is​ permanent. ​
if ​ you​ decide you​ do not like the​ results,​ it​ is​ not as​ simple as​ taking off a​ wig to​ change your hair. ​
you​ would have to​ go through many surgeries and ​ your head may never look the​ same. ​
This is​ why you​ should never accept any doctors offer to​ do a​ few hair grafts and ​ see how you​ like it​ before doing a​ full hair transplant surgery. ​
Once you​ start,​ you​ are committed. ​

3. ​
you​ need several days of​ rest afterward hair transplant surgery. ​
Since the​ operation is​ so easy to​ endure,​ you​ might think that you​ can jump up and ​ go right back to​ your regular activities. ​
it​ is​ just your scalp after all,​ not muscle or​ bone. ​
the​ truth is​ that you​ have many small wounds and ​ you​ need to​ protect them. ​

4. ​
Hair transplant can be a​ timeconsuming commitment. ​
Treatment can often last one to​ two years. ​
Megasessions where thousands of​ grafts are done in​ one sitting help to​ shorten the​ overall time. ​
However,​ the​ length of​ these sessions is​ often grueling. ​

5. ​
Hair transplant surgery may be combined with other procedures. ​
if ​ you​ do not have enough hair,​ you​ cannot have a​ normal hair transplant surgery. ​
However,​ there are other surgeries that can be used in​ conjunction with hair transplant to​ achieve similar results. ​
the​ difference is​ that these procedures are generally more painful. ​

6. ​
the​ grafts may not survive. ​
Few surgeons will divulge to​ you​ the​ fact that hair grafts do not always survive after hair transplant surgery. ​
the​ hope is​ that only a​ few will be lost and ​ the​ overall result will not suffer. ​
the​ reality is​ that is​ what usually happens. ​

7. ​
Hair transplant treatments do not cost as​ much as​ you​ think. ​
for​ example,​ you​ might reasonably spend $12,​000 on​ a​ hair transplant. ​
if ​ you​ got it​ done at ​ age 30 and ​ died at ​ age 70,​ you​ would have the​ transplant 40 years. ​

That would average out to​ $300 per year,​ or​ $25 per month. ​
Many of​ the​ supposedly low cost treatments for​ hair loss cost much more than $25 per month. ​
you​ would actually save by getting the​ hair transplant surgery done in​ the​ first place. ​

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