Facility Maintenance Management Software

Facility Maintenance Management Software
Facilities form the​ non-core services of​ a​ corporation or​ any organization .​
Non-core services can include managing administration function,​ property management,​ and managing contract services such as​ cleaning and security .​
a​ major portion of​ the​ assets of​ an​ organization is​ in​ the​ form of​ infrastructure,​ like buildings and equipment .​
Hence,​ the​ maintenance of​ physical assets is​ a​ major function of​ facilities management.
The role of​ facilities management is​ to​ help businesses concentrate in​ their core competent areas .​
Facilities management takes on​ the​ role of​ providing routine,​ non-value-added services which are essential and important for the​ effective running of​ an​ organization.
Facilities management in​ its widest sense can be applied to​ any industries .​
The industries range from public services such as​ schools,​ universities and parks,​ to​ private services such as​ manufacturing .​
Anything that can be outsourced to​ a​ third party can be termed as​ facilities .​
Since most of​ functions of​ facilities are routine,​ the​ role and capacity of​ IT is​ precisely suited for that function .​
IT provides end-to-end solutions for an​ enterprise .​
ERP and EAM systems take on​ the​ role of​ MRP systems to​ streamline operations and help reduce costs.
Physical assets such as​ buildings,​ equipment and IT installations require regular maintenance; therefore,​ the​ role of​ IT in​ providing maintenance solutions is​ a​ major part of​ the​ portfolio of​ ERP providers .​
Maintenance is​ a​ major function of​ facilities .​
According to​ a​ study,​ properly planned and maintained services can lead to​ a​ 20 percent reduction in​ the​ operating cost of​ a​ firm.
The level and scope of​ functionality varies in​ the​ maintenance management system,​ according to​ the​ type of​ industries and physical assets .​
Therefore,​ except for standard functions like maintenance audits and down-time calculators,​ most of​ the​ software functionalities should be customized.
These are many software vendors available,​ each of​ whom has an​ internet presence .​
The futuristic vision of​ maintenance management systems is​ already implemented by some vendors who provide on-demand remote maintenance services,​ thereby reducing the​ costs of​ installing of​ maintenance systems further.

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