Expectations About The New Ipod Video

Expectations About The New Ipod Video

Expectations about the​ new iPod video

The new iPod video seems to​ have been met with great expectations and hopes .​
The audiophiles were waiting for a​ better sound,​ those concerned with photos for a​ bigger memory,​ the​ video fans were expecting longer life battery .​
And the​ key word for all these expectation is​ quality.

Some of​ the​ groups of​ customers with different expectations got what they wanted,​ others are disappointed and have other expectations from the​ future editions of​ iPods .​
In many ways the​ customers were surprised by the​ new iPod video as​ many improvements were made as​ compared with previous editions .​
The previous generations of​ iPods had some disadvantages and maybe due to​ the​ customers’ expectations those aspects were improved .​

The first aspect that was changed is​ the​ screen and its dimension .​
Then the​ quality of​ the​ screen,​ its clarity and the​ number of​ the​ colors are impressive .​
The dimensions of​ the​ screen are big enough for watching the​ favorite video,​ the​ favorite photos or​ pictures so that the​ time would pass easily .​
Another important aspect that should be taken into account while speaking about the​ improvements of​ the​ iPods concerns the​ quality of​ the​ screen and image as​ the​ usual obstacles of​ light,​ sunny indoor or​ outdoor does not represent a​ problem anymore .​
The fact that the​ memory of​ the​ new iPod video is​ so generous seems to​ be a​ bonus to​ the​ quality of​ the​ pictures .​
There are also some features that permit creating slideshows,​ fact that is​ very useful.

The long life of​ the​ battery of​ the​ new iPod video is​ impressive so that the​ 30 GB has 14-15 hours of​ music listening .​
The 60 GB has almost 20 hours of​ music audition .​
Unfortunately,​ this great news has another aspect that concerns the​ life of​ the​ battery in​ case of​ video playing .​
The battery life while video playing is​ only 2 hours so that long movies or​ other longer shows are not possible to​ be watched because of​ this impediment .​
Some customers suggest that the​ life battery would be longer taking into account its huge memory and probably these complaints will be taken into account while creating new generations of​ iPods .​

Another aspect that was expected and received with great joy is​ the​ huge memory .​
In this way,​ other customers prefer the​ new iPod video only because of​ this very aspect .​
It gives the​ possibility of​ having all digital photos on​ the​ new iPod,​ classifying them in​ a​ photo album .​
The memory of​ the​ new iPod video 30 GB and 60 GB hold up to​ 15,​000 songs and 25,​000 photos .​
The possibility of​ holding vivid color album art is​ another advantage and great news for lovers of​ the​ art .​
The customers have also the​ possibility of​ viewing and reviewing up to​ 150 hours of​ digital video .​

The new features may satisfy almost all requirements and may meet almost all expectations .​
Digital entertainment,​ the​ superior quality of​ the​ sound,​ the​ best technology in​ MP3 domain,​ great battery life and huge memory are only few features that are worth being mentioned .​

The disappointments regarding the​ new iPod video may be the​ result of​ high expectations that belong to​ different categories of​ people with different preoccupations .​
This aspect may contribute to​ a​ great development of​ handheld video devices and may bring variation on​ the​ market .​
The edition of​ a​ new iPod video and the​ disappointments regarding the​ video features may be the​ expression of​ new needs and requirements on​ the​ market of​ iPods.

Even in​ the​ case of​ too many disappointments or​ disagreements with some features and the​ quality of​ some aspect are true,​ these may contribute to​ the​ development of​ future generations of​ iPods .​
In this way,​ all expectations may be fulfilled and other wishes and requirements may develop .​

All these improvements and new features are a​ great success and a​ new step in​ developing new video devices with the​ possibility of​ watching TV shows and TV series of​ great success .​
The new iPod video meets the​ expectations of​ the​ customers and especially the​ busy lifestyle,​ accommodating the​ crazy rhythm of​ the​ modern life .​

Expectations About The New Ipod Video

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