Excessive Technology In The Workplace

As communication becomes easier and easier,​ we​ continue to​ search for the​ things that make life even more convenient for us. the​ television first,​ and the​ Internet later,​ have taken over our lives and are slowly but surely turning the​ entire world population into a​ species of​ couch potatoes. How many people today would actually dare to​ leave home without their mobile phones? at​ least that way,​ even if​ you have forgotten your house keys,​ you could call the​ neighborhood key-maker to​ break the​ locks and make you a​ new set of​ keys. Does that sound at​ all familiar?

And,​ as​ if​ the​ fact that communication conveniences are pervading our personal lives was not enough,​ technology seems to​ be in​ a​ conspiracy against the​ human species. the​ aim? to​ try and make us as​ idle as​ possible! And one of​ the​ manifestations of​ this conspiracy is​ the​ emergence of​ the​ conference call in​ the​ world of​ business.

Jokes aside,​ a​ conference call is​ integral to​ the​ smooth running of​ a​ business organization today.

Quite a​ few of​ my colleagues insist that a​ conference call is​ all floss and no candy. These colleagues are of​ the​ opinion that too much technology does little more than inspire awe in​ onlookers. to​ be fair,​ they are not against technology; only against an​ excess of​ it.

Would you agree with that?

I certainly would not. the​ way I see it​ -- and it​ doesn't take rocket science to​ reach this conclusion -- technology is​ meant to​ simplify our lives,​ and it​ is​ doing a​ darn good job of​ it.

I know quite a​ number of​ people who are of​ the​ view that using technological developments such as​ the​ conference call in​ places of​ business is​ just another way to​ throw away investors good money. But holding on​ to​ such a​ point of​ view merely suggests that you have been focusing on​ one extreme end of​ the​ coin.

Let us take a​ look at​ the​ flip side. to​ begin with,​ technological developments such as​ the​ conference call are utilized to​ make the​ most of​ any business. How so?

Well,​ you certainly cannot deny that a​ conference call is​ a​ super money saver. So the​ next time there is​ a​ client at​ Switzerland -- assuming that is​ not where you stay -- you could arrange for a​ conference call instead of​ sending an​ employee all the​ way there. Not only will such a​ move help your company reduce its expenditure,​ but it​ will also make business proceedings significantly quicker.

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