Ever Wondered Why Everyone Except You Is Moving On

“I attend courses, read books, listen to​ CD’s, yet I am still not living the life I want to​ and​ am unhappy with the life I have. How can I have the life I want to​ have?”

this​ is​ a​ surprisingly common​ dilemma. There are many people out there who could be called “Seminar Junkies”. They go from course to​ course, book to​ book, guru to​ guru desperately seeking answers, yet never finding them.

They watch the people around them have magical transformations in​ their lives, and​ feel frustrated and​ resentful that they are not getting the same results. These people typically continue to​ attend course after course until eventually they give up and​ live a​ life of​ quiet desperation.

Now, I’m going to​ share a​ huge secret with you, though you​ have to​ promise not to​ tell everyone else, because otherwise all these people who make their living from self help seminars and​ books will get very upset at​ me for​ sharing this​ secret.

The majority of​ people who attend self-help seminars, read the books, listen to​ the CD’s are all desperately looking for​ someone else to​ change their lives. They refuse to​ take responsibility for​ their lives and​ firmly believe that the only way they can change is​ if​ some guru waves their magic wand​ and​ blesses them. Then, and​ only then, will they have permission, and​ the ability, to​ change.

Here’s a​ newsflash.

No guru, no self help book, no seminar, no CD is​ going to​ change your​ life.

The only way you​ are going to​ change your​ life is​ if​ you​ decide to​ change it.

you​ can attend the courses, listen to​ CD’s and​ read the books, but if​ you​ are not willing to​ take responsibility for​ what you​ have in​ your​ life and​ accept your​ own power and​ ability to​ change it, you​ are never going to​ get the changes you​ want.

That’s right. You’ll just stay the same.

People are far too willing in​ today’s society to​ give away their personal power and​ responsibility for​ their lives. They are always jumping from diet to​ diet or​ from health fad to​ health fad or​ whatever, hoping that one of​ them will actually make a​ difference for​ them.

if​ you​ want to​ change your​ life you​ need to​ follow these 5 steps:

Make a​ decision​ right now that you​ are going to​ change your​ life. There are many different ways to​ do this, and​ I teach a​ number of​ motivational techniques on​ my courses and​ in​ my workbooks you​ can use to​ help you​ make this​ decision.

Take responsibility for​ everything that is​ in​ your​ life, no matter how good or​ bad. you​ created and​ accepted it​ into your​ life, and​ as​ such, you​ can change it.

Decide what you​ do want in​ your​ life, what you​ are going to​ accept and​ what you​ are not going to​ accept. if​ you​ don’t know what you​ want, look at​ what you​ don’t want, and​ the opposite of​ that is​ what you​ want. Decide on​ who and​ what you​ want to​ be. Create an​ action​ plan for​ change. Create a​ plan for​ how you​ are going to​ make these changes.

and​ the most important step of​ all, DO IT. That’s right, do it​ and​ make the changes. this​ is​ the step that separates the achievers and​ successful people from the dreamers living a​ life of​ mediocrity.

if​ you​ have been attending all these seminars, reading these books and​ you​ still haven’t managed to​ change your​ life, then look inside yourself and​ ask this​ question.

“Am I taking responsibility for​ changing my life?”

if​ the answer is​ no, then take responsibility and​ start changing your​ life today. Whether you​ work with someone else, or​ you​ work with me, take responsibility and​ use the knowledge of​ the “guru’s” and​ the courses and​ the books and​ implement them into your​ life and​ create the life of​ your​ dreams; the life you​ deserve.

you​ can wait for​ an​ eternity for​ someone else to​ make the changes for​ you, and​ it’ll never happen. you​ just have to​ DO it​ yourself. Stop putting things off now, because the more you​ put things off the more painful and​ difficult it​ will get.

P.S. if​ you​ are reading this​ and​ saying “I tried” or​ “I can’t” or​ something similar then you​ absolutely need to​ re-read this​ article right now two or​ three times and​ implement it​ into your​ life. it​ is​ time to​ stop trying and​ start doing.

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