Evade The Mental Trauma Of Childhood Obesity

Evade The Mental Trauma Of Childhood Obesity 1

Children have more energy requirements since they are in​ the​ growing stage. a​ nutritive diet is​ essential for their healthy development. Unlike adults,​ children are more prone to​ diseases. When they consume more number of​ calories than they actually burn,​ the​ extra calories get stored in​ their body in​ the​ form of​ fats.

Childhood obesity is​ of​ immense concern today. it​ has become a​ universal phenomenon. Children,​ who are overweight,​ tend to​ grow up as​ obese. Therefore,​ they develop higher risk of​ inheriting diseases in​ the​ later stages of​ life. Obesity is​ the​ gateway to​ many diseases such as,​ high blood pressure,​ diabetes,​ hypertension,​ heart disease etc. Health problems increase with obesity on​ a​ rise.

An obese child is​ often confronted with psychological distress. Teasing and bullying children about their appearance can affect their self esteem and make them lose their self-confidence. it​ can lead to​ isolation and depression at​ a​ young age.

Children generally tend to​ be overweight,​ if​ their parents are obese. But genetic factors are less significant in​ determining childhood obesity. Today,​ most of​ the​ children are obese because of​ their unhealthy eating habits and lack of​ exercises. High-calorie food such as​ junk food,​ beverages and confectionaries are fatty and causes obesity in​ children. Children spend several hours in​ watching television. as​ a​ result,​ obesity is​ greater in​ such children as​ they hardly devote time towards any physical activity.

Experts advise that children should not be stressed to​ lose weight. Instead they should be persuaded to​ maintain a​ healthy weight so that they slowly and steadily grow into it,​ as​ they get taller.

Awareness amidst parents and adults regarding childhood obesity is​ important. They must try to​ inculcate healthy eating habits in​ their children. Fast foods such as​ burgers,​ pizzas,​ macaroni,​ hot dogs,​ chocolates,​ cakes and crisps should be avoided. a​ healthy nutritive diet enriched with proteins and vitamins should be taken. Avoid taking fried foods. Try to​ grill or​ bake the​ food. a​ healthy breakfast of​ milk with wholemeal wheat biscuits and a​ fruit is​ a​ good start for the​ day. Keep your children away from carbonated drinks that have high sugar content. Substitute them with fresh juices and other sugar-free drinks.

Indulgence of​ children in​ activities like gardening,​ skipping and cycling can help to​ prevent obesity. Encourage your children to​ walk down to​ school or​ the​ market,​ instead of​ simply jumping into the​ car. Motivate them to​ play games such as​ football,​ rugby,​ tennis etc.

Studies also indicate that breastfeeding a​ baby may reduce his chance of​ becoming obese,​ later in​ life.

A little improvement in​ the​ lifestyle can protect your children from being the​ victims of​ childhood obesity.

Evade The Mental Trauma Of Childhood Obesity

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