European Human Hair Wig How Much Does It Really Cost

European Human Hair Wig How Much Does it​ Really Cost?
I am sure you​ have wondered what the​ truth is​ about the​ prices of​ wigs made from European human hair. ​
From shop to​ shop you​ will find a​ huge variation in​ prices anywhere from 300 USD to​ as​ high as​ 10.000 USD !. ​
So let me take you​ through each step of​ the​ process of​ producing high quality handmade wigs,​ and ​ show the​ real costs.
Firstly,​ take the​ acquisition of​ hair. ​
The cost of​ hair for​ one wig 0,​2 to​ 0,​4 kg varies from 30 to​ 40 USD throughout most Eastern European countries. ​
There is​ little variation there,​ but an important additional cost is​ incurred by highquality wigmakers who collect hair in​ an appropriate and ​ wellcontrolled way. ​
The best wigmakers visit hairdressers and ​ care for​ the​ hair themselves,​ using no middleman. ​
They do not buy hair from wholesalers because wholesalers blend hair,​ because it​ is​ so timeconsuming to​ acquire really good hair. ​
One simply has to​ find a​ girl among hairdressers clients that has beautiful,​ healthy hair and ​ who wants it​ cut. ​
The hairdresser can offer a​ free service to​ such a​ girl and ​ actually pay her for​ her hair and ​ clearly both sides benefit from such a​ transaction. ​
But this shows that,​ by its very nature,​ acquisition of​ goodquality hair cannot be a​ simple largescale automatic process. ​
That explains why outside of​ Eastern Europe the​ price of​ acquiring good quality hair is​ skyrocketing not because the​ hair in​ itself is​ expensive,​ but because of​ its rarity. ​
it​ is​ difficult to​ imagine a​ largescale cheap process of​ acquiring high quality human hair in​ European countries.
Second,​ take the​ other materials used in​ making wigs. ​
These are not expensive and ​ their costs do not exceed 50 USD for​ a​ typical wig. ​
These are the​ materials used to​ produce a​ cap. ​
More and ​ more wigmakers are now buying readymade caps,​ so called monofilament,​ which are gaining popularity and ​ their cost is​ not very high.
Third,​ take the​ labor involved in​ making high quality handmade wigs. ​
This is​ the​ main cost factor. ​
Handmade wig needs at ​ least a​ week to​ be produced by an experienced expert worker. ​
it​ takes a​ week of​ hard work,​ with each hair being knitted to​ the​ cap with a​ very small crochetneedle or​ glued with a​ special glue. ​
In the​ case of​ long hair,​ the​ production time could be two to​ three weeks. ​
Reliable wigmakers knit hair with a​ doubleknot which makes the​ construction much more durable but needs some extra worktime. ​
Depending on​ the​ type of​ wig,​ length of​ hair and ​ type of​ cap the​ cost of​ labor is​ from 150 to​ 300 USD.
Finally,​ you​ cannot forget other typical business costs investments amortization,​ management costs,​ taxes,​ insurances,​ rent,​ and ​ profit. ​
Altogether,​ the​ price of​ a​ handmade human hair wig made from European hair cannot be lower than 500600 USD even for​ the​ shortest hair. ​
There is​ no upper limit and ​ it​ only depends on​ how much a​ customer is​ willing to​ pay,​ but before you​ pay 1000 USD or​ more for​ your wig remember the​ real costs of​ its creation.
And now for​ a​ real mystery. ​
Why are European human hair wigs not made in​ China where labor costs are much lower than in​ Poland,​ Russia,​ or​ the​ Czech Republic? the​ main reason is​ no good quality European human hair available in​ large enough quantities to​ make profitable largescale production in​ China possible. ​
This is​ because wigmakers in​ Eastern European countries are buying all of​ the​ available hair for​ their own production. ​
Surprising? but that is​ how it​ is. ​
And that is​ why most of​ wigs produced in​ China are made of​ Asian hair or​ blended hair widely available on​ a​ wholesale market.

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