Essential Hair Dos New Survey Reveals American Womens Hair Care Habits

Essential Hair Dos New Survey Reveals American Womens Hair Care Habits

Essential Hair Dos. ​
New Survey Reveals American Womens Hair Care Habits
Long gone are the​ days of​ the​ weekly wash and ​ set at ​ the​ beauty parlor. ​
Todayno matter what type of​ hair you​ havethere are products and ​ hairstyles made for​ you. ​

A new online poll commissioned by Regis Corporation and ​ conducted by Impulse Research Corporation of​ 1,​631 women across the​ U.S. ​
reveals that many of​ them arent taking advantage of​ todays hair technology. ​
Based on​ their findings,​ Regis has put together a​ list of​ some essential hair dos
• Change Your Color With the​ Seasons With todays advancements in​ color,​ you​ can lowlight,​ highlight or​ mix it​ up. ​
Regis Salons Mary Gail Hall suggests matching your color to​ the​ amount of​ sun in​ a​ season. ​
In the​ summer,​ add highlights to​ your hair to​ lighten it​ up. ​
In the​ fall,​ add some lowlights to​ your hair and ​ go a​ bit darker.
• Protect Your Hair Color if ​ you​ are among the​ 71.3 percent of​ women who color their hair,​ protect your color with specially formulated shampoo for​ colortreated hair,​ which helps to​ keep the​ color true. ​
Some of​ the​ most popular include Regis designLINE Color Care Shampoo and ​ Conditioner,​ Matrix and ​ Redken Color Extend. ​

• Use Styling Products Virtually all the​ women surveyed 98.9 percent use conditioner,​ but less than 50 percent of​ them use any styling or​ finishing products,​ such as​ spray,​ gel,​ wax,​ pomade or​ shine drops. ​
With todays advancements in​ hair technology,​ styling products make all the​ difference in​ your styles look and ​ function. ​
Productfocused salons such as​ Trade Secret carry all the​ top,​ professional hair care brands,​ including Paul Mitchell,​ Sebastian and ​ Matrix. ​
Not sure of​ which one to​ use? Trade Secrets stylists and ​ beauty advisors can recommend the​ perfect product for​ your hair type. ​

Multitask Time with the​ family can be hectic. ​
Save time by bringing everyone to​ your local noappointmentneeded mall salon,​ such as​ MasterCuts,​ where stylists can take care of​ the​ whole family. ​
And remember,​ to​ keep everyone looking great,​ stay on​ a​ six to​ eightweek hair care schedule.

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