Essential Direct Marketing Tips For Your Business

Essential Direct Marketing Tips For Your Business

Direct marketing is​ not as​ difficult as​ it​ seems. Test,​ track and count your profits,​ that’s how I do it. Let’s break down some of​ the​ details in​ some of​ my most powerful direct marketing tips.

Make sure you​ know your numbers… Figure how much income and units you​ need to​ sell in​ order to​ break even. Money matters first,​ the​ percentage rate follows. Our goal is​ to​ make money,​ not watch out for percentage rates. the​ standard is​ 1%. Say if​ we get a​ .5% but still make money,​ are we going to​ quit? I don’t think so.

Next,​ you’re going to​ want to​ key code just about everything you​ can. This way you​ can track what works,​ what doesn’t and in​ the​ long run will help you​ produce a​ better converting direct mail campaign. You’re also going to​ want to​ test everything. the​ copy,​ the​ design of​ the​ package,​ the​ offer itself,​ the​ pricing and the​ time you​ mail out. This is​ where they key codes will help since they will be tracking everything for you.

Be an​ informed list buyer. Lists are typically used for one time,​ as​ they belong to​ the​ list owner. However,​ once they reply to​ your offer,​ they’re yours. You’re going to​ have to​ be flexible. the​ list owners also require a​ sample of​ your offer,​ even just a​ rough sample to​ give them a​ heads up of​ what you’re going to​ be mailing to​ their list. Other things to​ keep in​ mind when dealing with lists,​ is​ the​ time. Sometimes lists get delivered in​ 24 hours,​ sometimes a​ week or​ two. Most list companies have a​ minimum of​ 5000 names. And almost always a​ prepayment is​ required. So keep all those things in​ mind when dealing with list brokers and list owners.

Start building your own mailing list. Using your customers,​ leads from trade shows,​ inquires,​ etc. you​ need to​ focus on​ the​ wants of​ your audience. a​ good list professional will also be specific. Be knowledgeable of​ each list type. There are email lists,​ direct mail lists,​ telemarketing lists,​ etc. Consider other sources as​ well. There are plenty of​ places you​ can rent a​ list of​ names from. Associations,​ subscribers,​ compiled,​ etc.

You should determine the​ list price. Typically in​ direct mail,​ the​ lists have a​ base price per thousand,​ or​ “M”.

How are these lists supplied? CD,​ email,​ label stock? This can all have an​ effect on​ the​ timing of​ your campaign.

To get your envelope opened,​ I suggest you​ use a​ live stamp. This is​ one of​ the​ most important direct marketing tips I can share with you​ now… it’s worth the​ extra expense. That way your envelope will not get mistaken for junk mail. You’re also going to​ want to​ consider using a​ short teaser copy to​ entice the​ recipient to​ open your letter.

Use color in​ your letter effectively by using a​ blue signature or​ use different colors sparingly throughout to​ help emphasize your important points.

Give your recipients all the​ information they need in​ the​ direct mail piece. Tell them about the​ features,​ functions and benefits of​ your offer,​ the​ more the​ better!

If you’re sending out an​ email,​ be short and to​ the​ point. Use the​ subject as​ the​ teaser and link to​ your homepage in​ your email.

Next up,​ you’re going to​ want to​ use a​ professional. Use a​ list broker or​ company that has years of​ experience. you​ don’t want to​ start off using another company just looking to​ rip you​ off,​ therefore leaving you​ with no more money to​ pursue your project.

Hopefully you’ll consider these direct marketing tips when working on​ your own direct response campaign. They work for me and I’m confident they will work for you​ as​ well.

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