Ergonomics In The Workplace

Ergonomics In The Workplace

Ergonomics In the​ Workplace
As the​ number of​ employees who work in​ an office environment increases,​ so do the​ number of​ common office injuries. ​
This is​ because many offices do not have an ergonomicallycorrect facility for their workers. ​
In recent years,​ having an ergonomicallycorrect work environment has become as​ important as​ pay scales and​ benefits packages. ​
Employees want to​ know that the​ time they put in​ the​ office on​ a​ daily basis is​ not contributing to​ a​ decline in​ their health with onset of​ afflictions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or​ Repetitive Stress Injury.
Many people are not aware of​ the​ very,​ very significant benefits of​ an ergonomically correct workplace environment. ​
Ergonomics encompasses a​ variety of​ different workplace conditions,​ including
Workstation design
Shift Work
Machine Design
In the​ past,​ problems associated with Repetitive Stress Injury and​ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,​ were reported in​ large numbers. ​
Since companies have received more information over the​ last decade about how to​ set up a​ more ergonomicallycorrect environment,​ the​ number of​ instances of​ RSI and​ CTS has decreased. ​
However,​ the​ numbers are still much higher than they should be given the​ wealth of​ information available about ergonomics and​ the​ workplace. ​
This is​ why training for companies about the​ benefits of​ being ergonomically correct is​ so important. ​
The more information that individual companies have,​ the​ better they can serve their employees and​ assist them in​ staying well and​ producing better results.
There are a​ number of​ benefits to​ working in​ an ergonomicallycorrect environment. ​
They include
Peaces of​ mind,​ knowing you are working in​ safe,​ healthy conditions
Increased productivity due to​ an elevated comfort level
Lower occurrences of​ employee absence due to​ injuries from afflictions such as​ RSI and​ CTS
Lower instances of​ workers compensation claims due to​ repetitive stress injuries
Setting up an ergonomically correct workplace is​ not as​ hard as​ most would think. ​
Taking small steps regularly can add up to​ big benefits in​ the​ end. ​
Purchasing an ergonomically correct chair or​ keyboard can immediately help with some of​ the​ ailments people who work in​ an ergonomicallyincorrect environment often experience. ​

Cost is​ often an issue,​ but you don’t have to​ spend too much at ​ one time. ​
For example,​ employers could begin by replacing one item at ​ a​ time throughout the​ office. ​
This would assist in​ bringing the​ office current on​ ergonomic regulations without having to​ spend a​ large chunk of​ money at ​ once. ​
The lack of​ funding is​ often the​ reason smaller offices cite when asked why their facility is​ not ergonomically correct. ​
Making small improvements can take the​ monetary pressure off,​ while still allowing the​ employer to​ make ergonomic improvements.
Some of​ the​ main culprits that contribute to​ an unhealthy working environment include
An ergonomicallyincorrect chair that does not provide proper back and​ leg support,​ leans back at ​ an improper angle,​ does not contain arm supports and​ is​ not adjustable
a​ workstation that sits too high or​ too low
a​ mouse that does not provide zero to​ no tension
a​ support for your wrist for when you are using the​ mouse
a​ telephone with no neck support to​ keep from leaning into the​ phone and​ straining your neck
a​ keyboard that is​ ergonomically incorrect with a​ design that causes you hands to​ constantly have to​ move back and​ forth along the​ entire length of​ the​ keyboard
Low lighting that causes you to​ strain your eyes
Sitting too long in​ one spot
No foot support,​ which will allow your legs to​ be elevated to​ a​ proper angle
All of​ these culprits are easily solved by a​ combination of​ an ergonomically correct work environment and​ steps that you can take on​ your part to​ assure efficiency and​ an overall sense of​ general health.
Some steps that your employer can take include
Providing proper office equipment
Conduct employee training on​ proper ergonomic practices
Conduct periodic inspections of​ equipment to​ ensure everything is​ working properly
In addition to​ these steps,​ you can do things as​ well to​ ensure your own health. ​
These steps include
Take frequent breaks
Speak up if ​ you are uncomfortable,​ having physical problems due to​ ergonomically incorrect conditions
Be sure that all aspects of​ your workstation are in​ line with proper ergonomic procedure
Listen and​ actively participate in​ ergonomic workplace training
Keep detailed information on​ any ailments you’ve received as​ a​ result of​ an ergonomically incorrect workplace environment.
The combination of​ you and​ your employer’s knowledge of​ the​ importance of​ an ergonomically correct workplace will contribute to​ an increased level of​ productivity as​ well as​ a​ general sense of​ wellbeing at ​ work. ​
Studies have shown that happier employees produce better results and​ making sure your workplace is​ ergonomically correct is​ the​ first step to​ achieving such positive levels of​ success.

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