Enhance Your Decor With Distinctive Chandeliers

for​ many years, chandeliers were used primarily in​ foyers and​ dining rooms, but today, homeowners are installing them all over the house, from the master bedrooms and​ master baths to​ great rooms and​ powder rooms.

Most of​ the time, chandeliers are sold without the shades and​ are often used that way. Adding or​ changing shades gives you​ a​ totally different appearance and​ reinvents the piece.

To determine the size of​ a​ chandelier that will hang in​ a​ foyer, or​ any room, just add the room dimensions together. if​ your​ foyer is​ 12' by 16', add 12 + 16=28. The proper size chandelier for​ this​ space would be 28" in​ diameter.

Chandelier bulbs come in​ up to​ 60 watts so if​ you​ have a​ 10-arm chandelier, that's 600 watts. Try using 40- or​ even 25-watt bulbs for​ the right amount of​ light in​ your​ space. Go one step further and​ install a​ dimmer to​ control the glow even more.

Choose a​ chandelier with a​ diameter equal to​ the width of​ the table. for​ example, if​ the table is​ 54", select a​ chandelier with a​ 27" diameter. The chandelier should hang approximately 30-32" above the tabletop. this​ is​ low enough to​ complement your​ table settings, but high enough to​ be out of​ the way.

Glass chandeliers require careful approaches and​ procedures for​ care that are different from those for​ metal or​ metal and​ glass lighting devices. in​ a​ dining room that's totally open with nothing but columns delineating the space, you​ may be able to​ go with something larger

Cleaning your​ chandelier once a​ year will keep it​ shining to​ its original brilliance. Use a​ damp or​ dry cloth to​ clean your​ chandelier.

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