Energy Meditation

Energy Meditation

Energy meditation is​ just one form of​ spiritual meditation that you​ can use.

This form of​ meditation focuses on​ how everything is​ made up of​ energy. Whether you​ are meditating by yourself or​ are engaging in​ guided meditation lead by an​ instructor,​ this form of​ meditation is​ liberating to​ the​ mind and soul.

The benefits of​ energy meditation go beyond what we can do for ourselves emotionally and physically in​ everyday life. By using this form of​ meditation we will develop self-awareness,​ a​ higher level of​ understanding about people and objects around us,​ and a​ better appreciation for life in​ general.

Moreover,​ there are physical rewards that are just as​ beneficial. Your stress level will lower. Your blood pressure will drop. Your heart rate will decrease. you​ will feel liberated and free!

A Quick Session

Before engaging in​ an​ energy meditation,​ we need to​ allow ourselves to​ feel compassion for everyone and everything around us. This includes both living beings and non-living objects.

Say things like “may everyone be happy” or​ “may all of​ God’s creatures find happiness on​ earth.” Be thankful to​ God for everything you​ have.

Provoking positive thoughts will put your mind at​ ease and help the​ meditation process flow smoothly. Once you​ have your mind at​ rest,​ focus your attention on​ everything around you.

Think of​ everything as​ energy. People,​ objects,​ animals,​ and all physical structures on​ earth should be thought of​ as​ forms of​ energy. Picture all of​ these things turning into energy and creating an​ energy field around you.

Start from the​ outside in. Once your outer energy field has been established you​ can focus on​ your body. Picture your body as​ energy (your skin,​ your organs,​ everything).

Once you​ have achieved perfect balance between self and environment,​ stay in​ your meditative state for about twenty or​ thirty minutes. Before stopping energy meditation,​ let your mind transform yourself and your environment back into physical form.

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