Email Marketing Software Solutions

Email Marketing Software Solutions

If you​ wish to​ provide email marketing as​ part of​ your online business plan you​ might want to​ look at​ some of​ the​ email marketing software applications available.

Certainly there are sources where you​ can develop an​ online group at​ little or​ no cost. By following this approach you​ may be well served at​ the​ startup of​ your online business,​ but as​ it​ grows you​ may want to​ invest in​ software that aids in​ the​ effective delivery of​ your email marketing messages while providing a​ greater degree of​ flexibility in​ the​ final presentation.

Arial Software

The software application from Arial provides a​ laundry list of​ services that include templates for highly developed email messages with photos,​ logos and headers. the​ software can be toggled to​ account for the​ expertise of​ the​ user. Essentially this means that if​ you​ are not very skilled at​ using the​ software you​ can select a​ beginning setting and more assistance is​ provided to​ allow you​ to​ successfully access the​ functions you​ are seeking to​ use. the​ cost for the​ software can range from just under $1,​000 to​ over $5,​000 depending on​ your needs and subscriber base.


This service was developed to​ work exclusively with Outlook Express,​ and works on​ a​ ‘per email’ fee. the​ basic package is​ free to​ use and has a​ maximum distribution capability of​ 10,​000. the​ caveat is​ that even the​ free edition requires a​ fee for the​ emails distributed through the​ system. According to​ PoliteMail,​ “"For less than a​ penny per message,​ you​ can send to​ thousands to​ customers and prospects."

The professional version of​ PoliteMail is​ $495 and it​ is​ also subject to​ fees for each delivered email. it​ has a​ larger capacity for subscription and offered additional premium features.


EmailLabs represents itself as​ a​ high-end email marketing solution and unlike other services takes a​ different approach to​ service availability,​ “EmailLabs does not offer a​ 30- or​ 60-day free trial account as​ do many… providers in​ the​ industry.” They do provide a​ demo for clients to​ tour and their list of​ clients is​ impressive. No pricing structure was available for review.

While these three email marketing software solutions are varied in​ their approach they are also only a​ small number of​ potential providers. This article is​ not an​ endorsement of​ any particular product simply a​ means of​ alerting you​ to​ a​ variety of​ possibilities as​ you​ consider email marketing as​ a​ means of​ furthering the​ objectives of​ your online company.

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