Email Marketing Software Helps You Keep Track Of Your Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing Software Helps You Keep Track Of Your Marketing Campaign

For an​ advertising or​ marketing campaign to​ run smoothly and effectively good organization is​ required; for larger emailing campaigns this usually requires some kind of​ email marketing software. However,​ email marketing software has a​ lot more to​ offer than you​ would probably imagine.

Prospect Finder

Finding prospects can be a​ very time consuming activity. Some email marketing tools allow you​ to​ collect targeted email addresses from visitors to​ your web site. Creating a​ newsletter for visitors adds value to​ your site and keeps your company in​ front of​ your prospects.


Responding to​ your prospective clients with a​ well-written and partial sales email is​ vital to​ winning business and gaining repeated business. Using email-marketing software you​ can set up autoresponders that will send these emails for you​ as​ soon as​ your visitors or​ customers complete certain actions,​ which are predefined by you.

Verify,​ Verify,​ Verify.

With modern legislation on​ spamming it​ is​ common practice to​ verify email addresses; getting prospects to​ click on​ a​ verification link makes them an​ opt in​ lead,​ meaning you​ can contact them as​ you​ will regarding your service or​ your product. Don’t forget,​ though,​ you​ must always offer them the​ opportunity to​ stop receiving communication from you.

Removal Service

Once you​ have your bulk email list up and running and you’ve been contacting people on​ a​ regular basis to​ forge a​ good relationship and sell your products you​ will undoubtedly get emails that become dead links. you​ should be removing these to​ save time,​ effort and space in​ your email.

Spamming policies mean you​ should also always offer your prospects the​ chance to​ stop receiving your targeted emails. Even though you​ won’t want to​ let go,​ sometimes you​ have to.


Obviously,​ email marketing software offers you​ the​ capability to​ send targeted emails to​ everyone on​ your email lists. That’s what this software was originally intended for and what it​ is​ most commonly used for to​ this day. you​ can organize your prospects into categories and even status. you​ could run several campaigns at​ once and your email marketing software will keep track of​ which prospects belong to​ which campaign and therefore,​ send the​ correct email to​ them.

Most email marketing software will be able to​ schedule emails for you,​ so you​ could for instance send an​ email to​ new prospects that contains a​ link to​ your catalogue. After a​ week you​ may wish to​ contact them to​ answer any questions. This technique will put your company name back in​ their minds and possibly produce more sales. Or,​ perhaps you​ sell a​ consumable good that most people buy once a​ month. you​ can set your email marketing software to​ contact your customers one month after purchase,​ perhaps offering them a​ discount for repeated business.

All of​ these are genuine ways to​ use email marketing software. Bearing in​ mind that some estimate as​ many as​ 70% of​ Internet users from the​ USA have made purchases on​ the​ back of​ an​ email marketing campaign,​ most agree they are useful tools to​ help your website or​ business succeed.

Email Marketing Software Helps You Keep Track Of Your Marketing Campaign

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