Eliminate Common Problems In Writing Articles

Eliminate Common Problems In Writing Articles

Before writing an​ article,​ have you ever felt overwhelmed by a​ blank sensation,​ not knowing where to​ start?

...I'll bet you have!

This checklist should help you eliminate some common problems in​ writing articles:

1. Have a​ specific purpose in​ mind.

Always have a​ specific purpose in​ mind before you begin writing: you should be crystal clear about what are you hoping to​ accomplish by writing your article.
Is it​ an​ article clarifying an​ issue for your customers,​ to​ attract prospects,​ to​ improve the​ link popularity for your website?

2. Know your target population.

Before writing an​ article,​ conduct research on​ the​ target population. What are their experience,​ their interest,​ and their wants in​ the​ chosen topic? What pain or​ problem do they try to​ avoid?

3. Develop a​ detailed outline first,​ stressing on​ the​ benefits.

Now that you have a​ purpose and a​ target,​ organize your article so that scanning it​ quickly will show immediately to​ your reader how he will benefit from it​ and what are the​ most important points.

4. Stop your reader in​ his tracks with your title.

Your title should grab the​ reader's attention and 'force' him to​ read your first paragraph. Using your most important benefit usually does it.

5. Start your article with the​ most important information

Again,​ do not keep your most important information for the​ conclusion! Give it​ immediately and develop on​ it​ in​ the​ following paragraphs.

6. Keep jargon to​ a​ minimum.

If possible,​ avoid jargon as​ well as​ prejudices and insinuations. Write your article so that even a​ child can understand it.

7. Make your article warm and personal.

Speak direct to​ the​ reader. Use a​ lot of​ 'you'.
Reading your article,​ the​ reader should feel warmth and empathy,​ knowing that you have the​ same problems and goals than him.

8. Keep sentences short and simple.

Using short and simple sentences will allow a​ fluid and easy reading,​ preventing your reader to​ get bored.

9. Have someone from the​ target population critique your article.

Who can give you a​ better feedback than someone from your target population? it​ will help you

10. Spend more time rewriting than writing.

Besides formatting your article for easy reading and nice presentation,​ be sure to​ use tools or​ an​ external editor to​ carefully proofread your writing for grammatical and spelling errors.

Remember that the​ more writing you do,​ the​ better you will get. After sometimes,​ when you are in​ the​ habit of​ writing,​ article writing will not seem as​ difficult as​ now!

Eliminate Common Problems In Writing Articles

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