Electronic Medical Record Software And Patients Paying For Missed

Electronic Medical Record Software And Patients Paying For Missed Appointments

In a​ recent BBC study two thirds of​ all doctors polled said that any patients who miss appointments have to​ pay for the​ appointment of​ at​ very least pay a​ fine or​ a​ penalty.

Here in​ the​ United States the​ physicians are a​ bit tight lipped. There is​ even a​ legal question as​ to​ whether or​ not a​ doctor can even charge for a​ missed appointment. the​ answer is​ a​ big maybe.

Many believe it​ has to​ do with the​ relationship you​ have with your doctor and if​ there a​ contractual obligation by the​ patient. Others say that there can not be a​ charge for "Services NOT rendered".

Many doctors charge and just as​ many would like to​ but think it​ may be a​ public relations nightmare. There are even more considerations. What about insurance,​ will they pay for missed appointment,​ actually some will.

Obviously this is​ a​ sensitive subject for all but most progressive physicians have purchased practice management software (electronic medical records and EMR software) that can mitigate the​ problem. New electronic medical records and medical billing software such as​ ReminderPro is​ a​ user-friendly,​ interactive patient calling system that delivers doctor-to-patient communication through telephone and email messages automatically. Practices are able to​ enhance patient care,​ reduce appointment no-shows,​ and increase productivity.

The trend is​ positive,​ many doctors that have implemented such EMR software now lowers the​ incidents of​ missing appointments and driving more profits to​ the​ practice's bottom line.

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