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Egg Decorating
One of​ my favorite parts of​ Easter is​ when we do the egg decorating .​
this​ is​ always something that was a​ magical event for​ me when I​ was a​ child .​
I​ always loved to​ watch the little disks of​ color dissolve in​ the vinegar and​ water to​ form the watery dye, and​ I​ loved to​ decide exactly what colors I​ wanted to​ make each and​ every one of​ the eggs before me .​
To eliminate fighting, my mother often split the eggs into two workstations so my brother and​ I​ wouldn’t argue over colors or​ who got to​ do more eggs than the other.
Today, egg decorating is​ not just for​ Easter, though it​ is​ the most popular time to​ do it .​
you​ can decorate eggs to​ go with your​ décor, though many people like to​ do this​ for​ special occasions only .​
you​ can empty the contents of​ the egg and​ then add the color or​ design you​ want .​
When you​ do this, you​ are ensuring you​ can keep the egg as​ long as​ you​ can keep it​ from being broken, because there is​ nothing inside to​ rot .​
Egg decorating can be trickier this​ way, however, because the egg is​ not as​ strong as​ it​ would be without a​ small hole in​ the bottom.
you​ can go about egg decorating this​ type of​ egg any way you​ want to .​
you​ can use dyes, but you​ can also use different types of​ paint that may stand​ out and​ make a​ bolder statement .​
you​ may want to​ just leave them white for​ whatever reason​ .​
It really is​ up to​ you​ .​
Egg decorating is​ something that can be as​ creative as​ painting a​ landscape or​ writing an​ epic poem if​ you​ have the time and​ energy to​ really get into it.
in​ fact, if​ you​ find that you​ have a​ flare for​ egg decorating, you​ may want to​ teach others some of​ your​ tricks and​ tips .​
Some craft stores like to​ offer classes like these, and​ you​ may want to​ contact the ones in​ your​ area to​ see if​ they are interested in​ having your​ hold a​ few classes in​ egg decorating .​
you​ can also contact your​ local college that might also hold classes such as​ these .​
They have classes for​ quilting, painting, writing, exercise, pottery, and​ other artist endeavors, so there is​ no reason​ why you​ can teach a​ class on​ egg decorating as​ well.

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