Effective Resume Writing

Effective Resume Writing
A lot of​ places around the​ world call it​ a​ Curriculum Vitae,​ in​ North America,​ it's a​ Résumé .​
This is​ definitely one of​ the​ most important tools that any jobseeker has at​ their disposal .​
You may be the​ best candidate for a​ particular job by a​ long way,​ however,​ if​ you don't make it​ to​ the​ interview stages the​ company will never know .​
Many companies (especially the​ larger corporations) will use computer software to​ read all the​ résumé’s and reject any that don't fit a​ particular template .​
This may seem unfair,​ but it's cost effective .​
So,​ for some jobs you have to​ beat the​ computer and still read well enough for someone who may not have any knowledge of​ the​ position you are applying for .​
It is​ definitely worthwhile to​ adapt your resume for the​ position that is​ advertised .​
There may well be some of​ the​ buzz words the​ filter is​ looking for mentioned in​ the​ job description .​
It is​ very important that you can substantiate all the​ claims you make,​ preferably with physical examples or​ letters .​
This will be essential in​ any in​ interview situation .​
There is​ now a​ wealth of​ information available online,​ from books,​ local employment offices and with professional writing agencies .​
You can also access other people’s résumé’s that are posted online which will give some great ideas for style and content .​
Professional writers may seem the​ answer,​ but,​ all the​ research I​ have done seems to​ lean away from them .​
I​ have never used one and feel that it​ will give a​ good impression if​ you have written it​ yourself (this will display literacy) .​
Apparently,​ if​ they are professionally written,​ they are easy to​ spot; however,​ they may be worth the​ expense if​ you are stuck .​
You can always customise what has been written to​ make it​ your own work .​
In my case,​ I​ had been in​ the​ military since I​ left school and had never written a​ resume or​ had an​ interview .​
I​ spent a​ lot of​ time writing,​ copying other people’s styles and changing things .​
I​ didn't realise how difficult it​ is​ to​ catch up on​ 16 years - I'll never allow mine to​ go out of​ date again! I​ found the​ hardest part was to​ actually start writing .​
The best advice I​ was given was to​ just write anything that you can think of​ and it​ will soon start to​ flow .​
With modern word processors it's relatively quick and easy to​ cut and paste so you can keep on​ changing it​ until you are happy .​
More detailed information can be found at​ www.onestopimmigration-canada.com/resume.html
Good Luck!

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