Effective Marketing Using A Crm Software

Effective Marketing Using A Crm Software

Good customer relationship management - CRM software,​ such as​ GoldMine® software for example,​ provides you​ with the​ ability to​ not only conduct effective sales management,​ but also effective marketing campaigns as​ well.

You can use your CRM to​ analyze your base of​ customers and prospects in​ order to​ target your best prospects by email. GoldMine® is​ an​ excellent contact management application that allows you​ to​ filter records in​ this way to​ select exactly which prospects you​ wish to​ target. This then allows you​ to​ set up and manage an​ effective email marketing campaign,​ knowing that everyone targeted is​ likely to​ be highly responsive to​ your sales pitch.

Perhaps you​ only want to​ target existing customers in​ a​ particular location and not the​ customers in​ other places. it​ would be easy to​ filter the​ customer base and weed out only those customers in​ the​ location you​ want to​ target. Then you​ can send them a​ personalized email message with your promotional offer. you​ could even divide all your customers into different areas,​ depending on​ location,​ and send each segment its own promotional message,​ personalized for that area.

If you​ are running campaigns for television,​ or​ running adverts in​ newspapers,​ you​ can carefully monitor the​ campaigns,​ measuring the​ results of​ return on​ investment. in​ this way you​ can determine which television campaign or​ newspaper advert was effective and successful,​ and which was not.

GoldMine® software,​ but not ACT!® software,​ even provides you​ with the​ ability to​ read scripts directly from the​ CRM,​ which can be utilized by telemarketers in​ a​ telemarketing calls campaign. That is​ a​ powerful feature totally under your control for achieving more effective marketing.

Attributing business results to​ actual campaigns run is​ essential for any company to​ succeed. it​ is​ vital to​ know which of​ the​ marketing activities undertaken prove to​ be the​ most effective,​ and which marketing activities fail. This knowledge allows a​ company to​ know which campaigns to​ repeat,​ and which campaigns should be written off and put down to​ experience. Good CRM software such as​ GoldMine® lets you​ do this with ease.

ACT!® will let you​ to​ do basic contact management very effectively,​ but it​ probably does not have the​ power of​ the​ GoldMine® software,​ especially when it​ comes to​ automating and triggering tasks. GoldMine® will give you​ a​ global view across a​ network of​ how resources are being used with the​ results being achieved. With all the​ information being held on​ a​ single database,​ it​ is​ possible to​ view the​ whole picture--the sales performance as​ well as​ each of​ the​ sales team's actions,​ past,​ present and future,​ at​ a​ glance.

It is​ possible to​ define an​ entire marketing strategy by utilizing the​ extrapolated metrics produced by the​ software. Areas of​ strength can be highlighted and exploited. Areas of​ weakness can be eliminated or​ maximized if​ possible. While hitherto unidentified opportunities can be instantly exploited for greater profit. it​ is​ probably this power of​ good analytic reporting facilities that are the​ real strengths of​ a​ good CRM,​ for otherwise it​ is​ little more than an​ efficient electronic address book.

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