Effective Google Ad Writing

Making more money on​ your Google Adwords campaign isn't hard as​ long as​ you know the​ secrets to​ success! Using these easy methods,​ you'll gain more revenue and have more successful Adwords Campaigns!

Use keywords in​ the​ title - don't put your business name or​ anything obscure in​ the​ title,​ go for the​ keywords that people would use to​ search for your product.

Put keywords in​ your sub-text too - try to​ sprinkle in​ 2-3 more keywords (without sounding spammy) in​ your subtext as​ well.

Make sure to​ capitalize the​ first letter of​ every word in​ the​ title - however don't use all caps. Using all caps is​ like shouting and using lower case letters at​ the​ beginning of​ the​ word doesn't reflect importance.

Use numbers when you can - It's better to​ say "Make $1000/week" than to​ say "Make lots of​ money"

Don't list features,​ list benefits - People want to​ know how this product/service will change their lives. if​ you just list the​ features,​ they may not draw the​ conclusion to​ the​ benefit they'll receive from that feature so outline the​ benefits for them.

Be niche-specific for targetted traffic - are you selling "t-shirts" or​ "t-shirts featuring Siamese Cats". if​ you are too vague,​ you'll get the​ wrong kind of​ traffic.

Don't make wild claims - Don't go nuts and make crazy promises or​ use too much punctuation. You'll only come off as​ a​ used car salesman and non-trustworthy.

Include the​ price and weed out the​ bargain hunters - Including the​ price in​ your ads actually filters out the​ cheapskates and attracts the​ serious buyers.

Run two ads simultaneously - See which one does better in​ revenue and try to​ figure out what makes it​ different than the​ other ad. Then when the​ worse ad expires,​ create a​ new one in​ its place and compare it​ to​ the​ winning ad. Always try to​ "beat" your previous running ads.

If you just use these simple and proven methods when writing Google Ad text,​ you'll be amazed how instantly your profits will increase! Also use "call to​ action" words,​ create emotion,​ use motivational words,​ and action verbs for outstanding sales copy!

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