Ecommerce With Quality Budget Hosting And Free Software Solutions

Want to​ have an​ online store but can't pay the​ fifty bucks a​ month or​ more for a​ real ecommerce hosting solution? Why not get your store and take credit card payments for under ninety dollars a​ year?

So you​ have something you​ want to​ sell right? Ebay is​ good and every other marketplace online,​ and there are thousands of​ them,​ but you​ just want your own little e-store. you​ want to​ experiment and learn some things and maybe make a​ little or​ even alot of​ money but the​ common ecommerce hosting solutions are a​ bit out of​ your desired price range.

In this article I will quickly go over some easy and very affordable choices you​ have to​ get to​ your intended goal. These choices will be based on​ a​ combination of​ good,​ quality budget web hosting and a​ couple of​ the​ many free ecommerce software solutions out there.

An easy and free way to​ take credit card payments online is​ to​ get a​ paypal account. Paypal provides many solid services to​ online merchants and is​ easily the​ most popular online payment gateway available. They offer integration with ebay auctions as​ well as​ buttons for people to​ purchase things from you​ and also a​ fully customizable shopping cart. Go to​ to​ find out more.

If you​ only have a​ few products to​ sell Paypals shopping cart may work well for you. you​ can just stick pictures and information about your products on​ a​ web site and add Paypal buttons for each product.

Certain hosting providers have a​ spot on​ their hosting control panels to​ easily install ecommerce scripts. With the​ click of​ a​ mouse you​ can have a​ full featured ecommerce solution ready to​ add your products to. Usually this includes stuff like product reviews,​ new products,​ specials,​ paypal or​ other payment gateway integration and news letters.

One of​ my favorite free ecommerce scripts is​ called osCommerce. Most web hosting companies provide easy installation for this. Good web hosting is​ usually between $70 and $120 a​ year. Add a​ payment solution like Paypal to​ this and some good products and you​ have your site. Now you​ have to​ market it. Thats another article altogether though.

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