Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software Usability Are Your Customers Frustrated

Usability is​ a​ measure of​ the​ quality of​ a​ user's experience when interacting with a​ website,​ people have been focusing on​ website usability since the​ explosion of​ the​ world wide web in​ the​ 1990's,​ but it​ is​ unfortunately an​ aspect that is​ frequently overlooked when it​ comes to​ eCommerce site design.

The increasing availability of​ shopping cart software has lead to​ an​ increase in​ the​ number of​ people launching internet stores,​ many of​ these people are inexperience with advanced web design techniques and theories and many more purchase cheap design work that doesn't focus on​ what the​ store customer's wants and needs. What the​ customer wants from an​ online store is​ to​ be able to​ find and purchase the​ products that they want as​ easily and quickly as​ possible.

When a​ customer visits your site it​ is​ more than likely,​ if​ your marketing has been successful,​ that they wish to​ purchase a​ product from you. as​ a​ store owner you​ need to​ remove every possible barrier between them arriving to​ your site and completing your purchase,​ the​ more barriers you​ make your customers climb over the​ more likely they are to​ run off your competitors.

This article contains will focus on​ a​ number of​ areas of​ usability and how to​ apply them to​ your eCommerce store,​ there are many many areas of​ usability that need to​ be considered when designing an​ eCommerce store and this article could be multiple pages long but we are going to​ focus on​ four factors that we feel are the​ most important. These areas are navigation,​ searches,​ validation and checkout.

The Navigation that you​ implement on​ your site is​ probably the​ most important aspect of​ usability,​ if​ your visitors can’t find their way around your site your dead in​ the​ water. it​ is​ imperative that you​ make sure your navigation is​ clear,​ simple and in​ a​ prominent place on​ your pages. Although navigation is​ an​ area that is​ normally implement quit well in​ eCommerce solutions where they normally fall down is​ their user of​ markers to​ make sure the​ user knows where about in​ the​ store they are,​ if​ they get lost and can’t find their way out they are going to​ get frustrated. There is​ a​ number of​ very well tested web design standard to​ get round this issue. Category tabs,​ dynamic menus and breadcrumb trails all help your customer find their way around your site.

If a​ customer lands on​ your front page and cannot immediately see where the​ product they want will be more surfers initial actions it​ to​ reach for the​ search box so make sure that your search box is​ obvious and easily accessible. the​ other area of​ your sites search facility you​ need to​ pay attention to​ is​ the​ results it​ is​ important to​ make sure that your customers are getting the​ right results when they do find the​ search box. it​ is​ normally a​ good idea to​ 'adjust' the​ search results on​ internet stores to​ allow customer to​ be presented with the​ products they're looking for.

Making sure your site validates against the​ W3C Standards is​ important. Making sure your site follows CSS and XHTML/HTML guidelines will make sure your sites appearance is​ replicated accurately across different types of​ web browsers,​ non-valid pages have their errors corrected by the​ browser,​ how this works varies radically across different browsers (and even different version of​ the​ same browser).

In order to​ minimise shopping cart abandonment the​ usability of​ the​ Checkout component of​ your shopping cart software is​ important. There are a​ number of​ important steps to​ take to​ make sure your checkout process is​ as​ usable as​ possible.

- Make sure your checkout is​ as​ short as​ possible,​ people get bored quickly on​ the​ internet
- Don't ask for any information you​ don't need,​ people are weary of​ giving away personal information
- Remove all distraction from the​ checkout,​ if​ they click away from the​ purchase they might never come back. This includes removing any unnecessary internal site navigation

There are many more aspects of​ usability you​ will need to​ consider when looking for shopping cart software but these should get you​ started in​ the​ right direction.

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