Ebay Title Writing Tips

eBay Title Writing Tips.
Trying to​ be help your buyers find your auctions can be a​ truly daunting task .​
Most people only search eBay by title,​ not by description,​ and that means that you only have those 55 characters of​ the​ title to​ cover all the​ possible search terms .​
That's not easy .​
In this email,​ I'll give you a​ few pointers.
Don't bother with eBay clichés: There are plenty of​ eBay auction titles that say things like Super rare camera wow look low price .​
These are stupid things to​ put in​ your title,​ as​ no-one is​ going to​ search for them.
Think like a​ buyer: If you were looking for your item,​ then what exactly would you type into that box? If you think it'd help,​ try searching yourself to​ find someone else selling your item .​
What were the​ first things you thought of​ typing?
Think like other sellers: Keep an​ eye on​ which sellers are doing best with items like yours,​ and try to​ copy their title styles - if​ it​ works for them,​ it​ can work for you.
Be specific: You should be sure to​ write the​ item's brand and specific model number in​ the​ title,​ as​ people will often search only for this information .​
Make sure that you also say exactly what the​ item is.
A Few Examples.
Here are a​ few examples of​ good titles .​
They're real,​ and they're on​ eBay right now,​ making their sellers money .​
So what makes them good?
Dell Latitude Laptop P3 500mhz Notebook PC Computer
If you know about computers,​ you'll know instantly what this auction is​ selling .​
It has manufacturer (Dell) and product line (Latitude),​ followed by a​ few technical specifications (P3 500mhz is​ the​ processor speed) .​
Notice also that the​ title includes the​ four words 'laptop',​ 'notebook',​ 'PC' and 'computer',​ as​ the​ seller wants people looking for any of​ those words to​ see his auction.
OASIS Don't Believe the​ Truth CD Album (New)
This auction for a​ CD is​ well formatted: it​ gives the​ artist name in​ capital letters,​ followed by the​ album name .​
It then manages to​ include the​ two key words 'CD' and 'album',​ as​ well as​ the​ word 'new' - that means that anyone searching for 'new oasis cd',​ 'oasis new album' and so on​ will find this auction.
1840 Penny Black stamp,​ certificate,​ four margins
Here's a​ slightly more obscure one,​ from the​ exciting world of​ stamp collecting .​
a​ penny black is​ one of​ the​ oldest and most famous stamps .​
It uses a​ few key words that collectors will consider important: 'four margins' indicates that the​ stamp has been cut out with some margins around it​ and so isn't damaged,​ and 'certificate' tells you that the​ item has a​ certificate of​ authenticity - it's a​ real penny black .​
Remember to​ use every bit of​ space to​ squeeze in​ as​ much important information as​ you can in​ the​ title.
So now that you've written a​ winning title,​ you need to​ start on​ a​ great description .​
The next email will show you how.

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