Ebay Description Writing Tips

eBay Description Writing Tips.
Once you've drawn the​ buyers in​ with your title,​ the​ next thing to​ do is​ to​ tell them all about your item with the​ description .​
But just what should you write in​ your description?
At its heart,​ your item description is​ an​ ad .​
Without making it​ too obvious,​ you should be writing sales copy .​
You're trying to​ get buyers excited about your products,​ and that's usually hard - but on​ eBay,​ if​ you have the​ right thing to​ sell and give enough details,​ the​ buyers almost excite themselves.
Technical Details.
Include every technical detail you know,​ including the​ item's manufacturer,​ its condition,​ how big it​ is,​ where and when it​ was made,​ its history,​ and anything else special about it .​
Don't be too boring,​ though: the​ best descriptions are written in​ friendly,​ conversational language,​ and show a​ real knowledge of​ the​ item .​
Whatever you do,​ make sure you tell the​ truth!
Remember that most of​ the​ people who'll be buying your item will be just as​ knowledgeable about it​ as​ you are,​ if​ not more - this is​ their hobby,​ and they're experts .​
Don't feel like you need to​ explain the​ basics of​ the​ item: just go into as​ much technical detail as​ you can .​
As a​ rule,​ don't write anything in​ the​ description if​ you don't know what it​ means,​ as​ the​ chances are someone will,​ and if​ you've got it​ slightly wrong then you'll look like you don't know what you're talking about.
Interesting Details.
You might find that you enjoy writing a​ few things about how you got the​ item,​ why you're selling it,​ and who you think might like it .​
This isn't strictly necessary,​ but it​ gives your auctions some character and a​ personal touch,​ and can make people more likely to​ trust you .​
People might wonder what you're doing selling 500 CDs all at​ once,​ and if​ you tell them the​ reason,​ then they'll feel reassured that nothing dodgy is​ going on​ .​
If you're selling them because you're having a​ baby and you need the​ space,​ just say so.
Write as​ Much as​ You Can.
Leave nothing out of​ your description,​ even if​ that seems to​ you like it​ makes it​ cumbersomely long .​
There is​ no way you can be too thorough: someone,​ somewhere will appreciate that you took the​ time to​ write the​ extra information .​
Don't assume that anyone who wants extra information will email you to​ ask a​ question: many buyers are shy and won't do it .​
Think of​ questions that buyers might have and add the​ answers to​ your description,​ as​ people generally tend to​ ask the​ same questions over and over again .​
Each time a​ buyer does email you with a​ question,​ you should both answer their question and update your description so that it​ will include the​ answer next time .​
If people ask questions that are answered in​ the​ description,​ try putting these parts of​ the​ auction on​ a​ line alone,​ or​ in​ bold,​ to​ make them easier to​ notice .​
In the​ next email,​ we'll focus on​ increasing the​ number of​ buyers who respond to​ your auctions.

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