Easy Solutions To Common Cake Decorating Mistakes

Easy Solutions To Common Cake Decorating Mistakes

Easy Solutions To Common​ Cake Decorating Mistakes
Below are the most common​ cake decorating mistakes and​ easy ways to​ rectify them .​
Anyone who has ever frosted a​ cake knows there are times when the icing will pull apart the top of​ the cake and​ cake crumbs get will into the frosting .​
To stop this​ from occurring, you​ should start with a​ crumb coat .​
this​ is​ the same icing that you​ are using to​ frost the cake, but it​ has been thinned down a​ bit .​
That way you​ will cover any part of​ the cake that might crumb with a​ thin​ layer of​ icing, and​ it​ will give you​ a​ base over which you​ will put a​ regular coat of​ icing .​
Take care that you​ do not make the icing too thin​ .​
It should be thinned down just enough to​ cover the cake without tearing it​ and​ picking up crumbs.

After you​ apply the crumb coat to​ the cake, you​ need to​ let it​ set about 2 hours or​ more before you​ apply the rest of​ the icing .​
in​ fact it​ should rest in​ the refrigerator, and​ can be kept there overnight before you​ need to​ add more icing .​
It is​ okay if​ you​ see crumbs in​ the crumb coat, they will be stuck in​ this​ first layer of​ icing and​ will not effect the next layer of​ icing .​
The cold will set the icing and​ it​ will be a​ cinch to​ ice after that .​
There can be a​ problem with fillings spilling out the sides of​ the cake .​
There are ways to​ stop this​ from happening when your​ cake decorating involves a​ filled middle .​
1 .​
Bake your​ cake the day before you​ are planning to​ fill it .​
this​ will make the cake firmer and​ will give it​ time to​ settle .​
a​ freshly baked cake will be unstable and​ will not hold fillings as​ well as​ when they are settled.
2 .​
you​ can also use icing to​ make a​ dam to​ stop the filling from spilling out .​
Once the dam has been made, you​ can frost the whole cake with a​ crumb coating .​
The cake should be set in​ the refrigerator for​ 2 to​ 3 hours, or​ overnight, this​ will firm up the icing and​ will keep the filling from oozing out the sides .​
The dams made of​ icing will firm up and​ keep the filling in.
if​ you​ are a​ busy person​ and​ don't have time to​ bake and​ decorate a​ cake all at​ once, you​ can bake the cake and​ freeze it​ until you​ need to​ decorate it .​
a​ cake can be kept in​ the freezer a​ couple of​ weeks before it​ needs to​ be used .​
you​ must prepare the cake for​ freezing by wrapping three layers of​ strong cling wrap around the cake, followed by one layer of​ aluminum foil just prior to​ freezing .​
if​ you​ do not follow this​ procedure, your​ cake will dry out and​ crumble .​
you​ will also need to​ make sure the cake is​ completely thawed before attempting to​ ice it.
you​ will need to​ allow the cake to​ defrost slowly, at​ room temperature, for​ one or​ two days until it​ has defrosted .​
Icing a​ cake before it​ has thawed will make the icing sweat and​ become mushy, this​ will ruin​ your​ cake decorating, and​ all your​ hard work will be for​ nothing .​

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