Easy Pond Fountain Installation

Thinking of​ adding a​ fountain​ to​ your​ pond? Installing a​ pond fountain​ is​ simple, and​ it​ will add both visual interest and​ the benefit of​ oxygenation​ to​ your​ pond. a​ pond fountain​ is​ generally made up of​ a​ recirculating submersible electric pump with a​ fountain​ jet attached to​ it​ (also called a​ spray fountain). There are many different sizes and​ styles of​ pond fountains available; the style of​ the spray is​ a​ matter of​ preference, but the size depends upon​ how large your​ pond is. your​ preferred fountain​ retailer can help you​ choose the pond fountain​ that is​ right for​ your​ pond. You’ll need to​ have the pump and​ fountain​ jet combo, a​ large terracotta pot, some concrete blocks, and​ a​ nearby source of​ electricity. There are four easy steps to​ install a​ pond fountain:

1. The pond fountain​ must be placed where you​ can easily get to​ it​ for​ maintenance. if​ you​ have a​ small pond, this​ is​ not an​ issue. if​ the fountain​ is​ going into a​ large pond, you​ may want to​ position​ it​ so that it​ is​ close to​ the edge.

2. The pump must be raised up from the floor of​ the pond in​ order to​ reduce the amount of​ debris sucked into it. this​ also ensures that the fountain​ head will be above the water. this​ is​ where your​ terracotta pot comes in​ – turn it​ upside down and​ place the pump on​ top. if​ it’s not the right height, use concrete blocks to​ raise it. if​ your​ pump is​ small and​ lightweight, you​ may need to​ tie it​ to​ the pot to​ prevent it​ from floating away. Make sure it​ is​ situated so that the fountain​ jet is​ facing up.

3. you​ must have an​ electrician install an​ outdoor power socket, if​ you​ don’t already have one. this​ socket should have a​ Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GCFI, known as​ a​ Residual Current Device outside the U.S. and​ Canada) protecting it, since the cord will be under the water. this​ device helps prevent electric shock. Plug your​ pump into the socket. if​ there is​ excess cable, bind it​ together under the water where it​ won’t be noticed. if​ the cord must cross a​ lawn, use a​ square-tipped shovel to​ cut and​ pry open the sod about 6 inches deep, push the cord down with a​ stick, and​ then press the slot closed with your​ foot.

4. Now, adjust the flow of​ the water using the switch or​ screw on​ the pump. Start with it​ in​ the ‘low’ or​ ‘down’ position, and​ slowly move it​ up. Ask a​ friend or​ family member to​ watch from the sidelines, so they can tell you​ if​ the water spray is​ all going back into the pond. Once you’ve found the perfect level, you’re done! Now you​ and​ your​ family can relax and​ enjoy your​ new pond fountain.

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