Easy Cake Decorating Themes And Ideas

Easy Cake Decorating Themes and​ Ideas
Cake decorating has always been around, and​ as​ time goes by, new ideas are added to​ the list .​
Here are a​ few ideas for​ cake decorating that are so easy to​ achieve.
- Flowers: Real flowers have become quite popular in​ cake decorating circles .​
you​ should choose smaller flowers that are edible, and​ make sure they have been cleaned .​
It is​ best to​ use flowers from your​ own garden, or​ a​ garden that you​ know the owner does not use poisons .​
Rinse them in​ a​ lukewarm water bath and​ blot them dry with a​ paper towel .​
Make sure you​ pick the flowers right before you​ are ready to​ use them on​ the cake so they are fresh .​
if​ you​ would like to​ add a​ dewy look to​ your​ cake flowers, brushing on​ a​ bit of​ luster dust will make them look as​ if​ they are wet .​
- Fruit: Orange slices, grapes, mandarin​ oranges, etc.. .​
you​ can make these fruits look frosted by beating an​ egg white, and​ brushing it​ on​ each piece of​ fruit, then dipping it​ in​ clear or​ colored sanding sugar .​
this​ has become very popular.
- Decorations Made of​ Fondant: you​ are able to​ use fondant icing to​ make beautiful cake decorations .​
you​ can choose to​ make flat decorations, or​ make them 3-D .​
you​ will find that you​ can copy designs from just about anywhere, and​ model the decorations as​ if​ you​ were making them out of​ modeling clay.
- Ready to​ Use Frosting: Frosting in​ a​ tube, is​ the new rage in​ cake decorating .​
a​ variety of​ tips can be bought to​ make different decorations .​
These tubes of​ icing come in​ quite a​ few colors, and​ can be kept on​ the pantry shelf between each use .​
you​ simply remove the icing tip and​ recap the tube.
- Color in​ a​ Can: you​ do not need to​ add color to​ your​ icing when frosting a​ cake .​
There are wonderful food colors in​ a​ can, that can be sprayed on​ any light colored frosting for​ a​ dynamic effect .​
you​ can tint the lake and​ sky blue, the trees and​ grass green, or​ spray the entire top of​ the cake to​ change the color .​
All of​ the above ideas are very easy to​ use .​
Anyone can achieve a​ great looking decorated cake by using one or​ all of​ these ideas .​
if​ you​ are like most of​ us, your​ life can be quite hectic at​ best .​
if​ there is​ any way to​ make life a​ bit easier, and​ still afford beautiful cake decorations, it​ is​ worth the time to​ learn about it .​
you​ may never use all of​ the tips you​ will find on​ the internet for​ cake decorating.
if​ even one of​ the easy decorating ideas above works to​ help you​ save time, it​ will be priceless .​
I​ know it​ has been a​ terrific time saver for​ me, and​ I​ no longer need to​ worry about when I​ will find enough time to​ decorate that cake for​ my son's birthday, or​ my parent's anniversary .​
Here is​ hoping all of​ your​ cakes rise well, and​ your​ cake decorating always looks beautiful.

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