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Whether you are just starting out with your online business or​ you are seasoned pro,​ writing and distributing articles is​ one of​ the​ most effective and low-cost ways to​ drive lots of​ targeted traffic to​ your site. Writing articles and submitting them to​ the​ article directories will get you free traffic when people click on​ the​ link in​ your resource box. it​ is​ also a​ great way to​ improve search engine rankings,​ since you will have plenty of​ incoming links to​ your site. Let’s take a​ look at​ how you can get started writing articles. Here are a​ few tips to​ get you started.

Write a​ Top Ten List

An easy way to​ get started with an​ article is​ to​ come up with a​ Top Ten List. Find a​ topic related to​ your business and jot down ten reasons why someone should purchase your product or​ offer advice on​ a​ topic that’s related to​ your website. Examples would be top ten ways to​ get your baby to​ sleep through the​ night,​ top ten reasons to​ write articles,​ or​ top ten reasons to​ buy car insurance. Once you have your list of​ ten items,​ write a​ little paragraph about each,​ explaining the​ reason in​ a​ little more detail.

Next you add an​ introductory paragraph that pulls the​ reader into your list. For example an​ introduction to​ the​ baby sleeping through the​ night article could mention how hard it​ is​ to​ make it​ through the​ day and how sleep deprived you are until you get your baby to​ sleep through the​ night. Then close your article either by summing up what you just told them in​ your top ten lists or​ encouraging them to​ act on​ what you just told them about.

Congratulations,​ you just wrote an​ article. of​ course you can easily shorten this to​ a​ top 5 list. Just write a​ little more about each of​ your points.

Record Your Article

Some people prefer recording themselves while they are talking about a​ particular topic and then transcribing and editing it​ into an​ article. if​ you have an​ easier time talking about a​ particular topic than writing about it,​ this may be a​ great option for you. Most MP3 players now come with a​ record option,​ or​ you can pick up a​ cheap tape-recorder. Pick a​ topic and just start talking as​ if​ you were explaining it​ to​ a​ friend. Just start babbling and the​ ideas will start to​ flow. Now listen to​ your tape. Write down and arrange the​ major points you mad in​ order. Add an​ intro and a​ closing and you have another article.

Hire a​ Ghost Writer

If you are having a​ hard time writing articles,​ or​ just don’t have the​ time to​ do it,​ you can still benefit from article marketing by hiring a​ ghostwriter. Ghost Writers will write unique articles for you that become your intellectual property. You can post them as​ your own work to​ your site,​ your blog,​ as​ well as​ the​ article directories. You can find a​ ghost writer on​ sites like elance. There are also some freelance writers with their own websites out there. You can usually buy articles anywhere from $5 – $65.

Write an​ Outline and Have Someone Else Turn it​ into an​ Article

Another option if​ you don’t want to​ do all the​ writing yourself is​ for you to​ write a​ basic outline of​ the​ article and the​ point you want to​ bring across. Jot down any ideas you have for the​ article,​ then ask a​ friend or​ hire someone to​ flesh it​ out for you into an​ article. You may be more comfortable with passing these articles off as​ your own,​ since the​ content of​ the​ article was your original idea. Someone else just put it​ into an​ article format for you.

There is​ no reason for you not to​ get started with article marketing one way or​ the​ other. Get a​ few articles out there and then sit back and watch the​ traffic come in. You’ll be so impressed by the​ results you can get even from a​ handful of​ article,​ you’ll be writing them and submitting them all the​ time.

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