Dvd Copy Software For Mobile Devices

DVD copy software for mobile devices
Modern life is​ full of​ DVD,​ video and audio production .​
We use them every day and everywhere .​
In order to​ make our connections with it​ more easily,​ more comfortable we use special software and hardware.
Here we have a​ short look at​ few applications suitable for mobile devices.
Apollo DVD to​ iPod.

Apollo DVD to​ iPod is​ an​ innovative Windows application that transcodes your favorite DVD movies to​ Apple iPod player directly .​
You can easily convert both PAL/NTSC DVDs for optimized video playback on​ iPod .​
Integrated world-class MPEG4 encoder makes it​ possible to​ transcode whole DVD disc with the​ time half of​ playback time of​ DVD .​
You can select any audio track,​ subtitle,​ chapters of​ the​ DVD as​ you​ want .​
DVD to​ iPod video has never been easier with Apollo DVD to​ iPod.
Afree DVD to​ iPhone Ripper

Afree DVD to​ iPhone Ripper is​ a​ powerful DVD ripper which helps you​ rip DVD movie to​ video format supported by iPhone player with fast converting speed and excellent video quality .​
It can rip your DVD to​ iPhone,​ MPEG-4 video formats in​ one click .​
Enjoy movies on​ the​ iPhone player wherever and whenever you​ want! Let the​ kids watch their favorite cartoons in​ the​ car with the​ iPhone player .​
Features: Output formats: iPhone,​ MPEG-4; you​ can watch your DVD movies on​ your iPhone player; you​ can keep the​ default setting .​
You can also set the​ parameters by yourself; Run on​ Windows /98 /ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista.
a​ Moyea SWF to​ iPod Converter

Moyea SWF to​ iPod Converter is​ a​ perfect program that can convert Flash projector,​ as​ well as​ SWF to​ mp4 video for iPod .​
It offers the​ solutions to​ problems that many other SWF to​ video converting tools cannot solve,​ such as​ video and audio asynchronization,​ loss of​ frames,​ audio distortion,​ and the​ processing of​ SWF files with internal or​ external Flash video (FLV) .​
With the​ leading audio and video codec,​ Moyea SWF to​ iPod Converter lets you​ easily and fully enjoy the​ original effects of​ your SWF files on​ your iPod.
iPod Video Converter

iPod Video Converter for Windows is​ fantastic iPod video converter .​
It helps you​ to​ convert all popular video formats such as​ AVI,​ MPEG,​ WMV,​ MOV,​ MP4,​ VOB,​ DivX,​ XviD etc to​ iPod MP4 video; and convert MP3,​ AC3,​ AAC audio files to​ iPod MP3,​ M4A etc .​
Furthermore it​ supports new iPod 30GB and 80GB with resolution of​ 640 by 480 pixels for MPEG-4 Video.

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