Drunk As A Skunk Drink Driving

Drunk As A Skunk Drink Driving

Take a​ little double vision​ add a​ touch of​ dizziness, sprinkle in​ some clumsy, mix with slow reflexes and​ there we have it​ a​ recipe for​ fate.

this​ is​ a​ lethal cocktail of​ symptoms namely a​ death sentence for​ any motorist jumping behind the wheel of​ a​ car while drunk as​ a​ skunk. if​ the driver is​ fortunate to​ escape with his life, it​ is​ the life of​ another who may fall victim to​ his/her act of​ stupidity.

Taking the life out of​ living of​ an​ innocent pedestrian or​ leaving a​ parent without child can only enforce heartache beyond belief for​ the bereaved; some would say a​ life for​ a​ life. Would the rate of​ fatalities be on​ the rise through drink related road accidents if​ hanging was brought back? I don't think so.

Reality kicks in​ for​ the alcohol fuel filled driver when effect of​ the drink wears off
this​ person​ now has to​ face up to​ the consequences of​ their actions, where in​ some cases you​ will find the drink driver has no recollection​ of​ the trail of​ destruction​ they have caused. Ask yourself is​ it​ worth it? Just one more for​ the road leads to​ another and​ another.

Wisdom is​ the only word that springs to​ mind that I feel drinkers should heed, learn from the mistakes of​ others.

Where is​ the justice

It seems unfair that the drink driver is​ behind bars for​ something that he/she can not remember being part of. Well this​ is​ all part of​ the package of​ binge drinking where loss of​ memory gives good cause for​ you​ not to​ know what you​ were doing at​ the time.

Sentenced for​ losing control of​ the mind, it​ just doesn't make sense the driver asks him/herself. Had the driver been in​ control, then surely the crime would not have been committed. Sorry no excuse. Yes drink does hinder the ability to​ make the right decisions when it​ comes to​ handling a​ vehicle, but you​ have to​ remember you​ were not drunk or​ hindered when making the decision​ to​ take the keys to​ the car in​ the first place. So there you​ have it​ in​ a​ nutshell Guilty.

The car is​ your​ life should you​ drive for​ a​ living, the car is​ a​ pleasure providing machine. The car a​ great vehicle to​ have in​ an​ emergency.
But should the owner of​ the car jump behind the wheel while under the influence of​ alcohol the car becomes an​ accessory to​ murder.

Influenced by alcohol and​ the mad thoughts where you​ think you're the next Nigel Mansell on​ the roads? you​ think that no one can match you​ on​ your​ driving skills? Well think again? Drink affects everyone in​ the same way.

After abusing the consumption​ limit for​ the intake of​ booze. Drivers lose jurisdiction​ over their thoughts and​ actions where they qualify to​ maim or​ injure, in​ other words a​ licence to​ kill.

Common​ sense saves lives, have a​ close friend or​ relative transport you​ to​ your​ chosen venue for​ the evening. Leave car keys behind therefore less temptation​ to​ drive the vehicle. Say no to​ last orders if​ need be. Taxis are a​ reliable source for​ getting you​ home safely or​ walk if​ your​ local is​ in​ walking distance/

it​ may not be a​ life term prison​ sentence imposed on​ you​ by the judge, but it​ may as​ well be. The horrors of​ the night/day in​ question​ will be a​ life sentence in​ itself where the memories will haunt you​ till your​ dying day.

The biggest and​ best tip I can give to​ any drink driver is, when leaving the home for​ a​ night out on​ the tiles, make to​ sure to​ give the wife kids or​ partner a​ kiss, as​ it​ maybe the last.

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Drunk As A Skunk Drink Driving

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