Driving To Your Goals

Driving To Your Goals

Every time you​ get in​ your​ car to​ go anywhere, you​ are working on​ achieving a​ goal. There is​ somewhere you​ want to​ be, so you​ take action​ to​ get there. The three major things that get you​ where you​ want to​ go when driving are a​ specific destination, directions for​ getting there, and​ a​ way to​ track your​ progress. you​ must also have these three things to​ achieve any goal.

Specific Destination

Before even getting into your​ car, you​ must know where you​ are going. Unless you​ have a​ specific destination, you're just moving the car and​ wasting gas. There isn't anything particularly wrong with this; some people enjoy just driving around and​ looking at​ the scenery. But if​ you​ want to​ get somewhere, you​ must know where you​ are going.

When setting your​ goals, you​ must know exactly what it​ is​ that you​ want. Get a​ clear picture of​ it​ in​ your​ mind. if​ it's a​ new job, picture yourself in​ that job. if​ it's more money, visualize that monthly bank statement. Imagine what you​ will feel like when you​ reach whatever it​ is​ you​ are striving for. Write it​ down, like you​ would write down the address of​ a​ house you​ are visiting for​ the first time.


if​ this​ is​ a​ destination​ you've been to​ before, you​ don't need directions. It's automatic, like tying your​ shoes or​ chewing your​ food. But what if​ it's somewhere you've never been before? How do you​ get there?

you​ ask. you​ ask someone who's been there before. you​ pull out a​ map. you​ check the Internet. The directions may not be perfect, and​ often they aren't. "It's either the second or​ third light, I can't remember which," is​ something often heard when getting driving directions. But you​ get the best directions you​ can.

Goal setting is​ the same. you​ get in​ touch with others who already have what you​ want. you​ read books, you​ listen to​ tapes, you​ attend seminars. you​ get as​ much information​ as​ possible that will assist you​ in​ reaching your​ goal.

Tracking your​ Progress

you​ know where you​ are going and​ you've got your​ directions, so now it's time to​ take some action! you​ hop in​ the car and​ you're off!

But wait! it​ wasn't the second or​ third light, it​ was the fourth! So what do you​ do when you​ realize you​ are off course? you​ check your​ map, you​ pull into the nearest gas station, or​ you​ make a​ phone call. you​ try to​ get back on​ track. But you​ don't give up! you​ don't turn around at​ the first closed road and​ go back home, saying "I didn't really want to​ get there anyway." if​ this​ were to​ happen, you'd never get anywhere you​ hadn't been before, and​ your​ life would be pretty limited. Even if​ you​ have to​ head all the way back home, you​ start again. Eventually, you​ get to​ that destination, and​ isn't it​ even more exciting when you​ get there after a​ difficult journey!

you​ may get sidetracked on​ your​ journey. if​ you​ get hungry, you​ stop for​ a​ bite. if​ you​ need to​ use the restroom, you​ stop to​ take care of​ that. But do you​ stay stopped? Do you​ sit in​ the restroom all day, wondering why you​ aren't where you​ want to​ be? No, you​ do what you​ need to​ do and​ continue on.

Don't quit on​ your​ goals, either. There may be setbacks, dead ends, even car accidents. But don't forget that you'll never get there if​ you​ don't keep taking action​ and​ moving towards your​ destination. When that prospect says no, it's not a​ failure; it's another mile under your​ belt. When nothing seems to​ happen for​ a​ long period of​ time, you're just getting closer to​ that next landmark. if​ you're not sure what to​ do next, don't be too embarrassed to​ stop and​ ask for​ those directions!

Driving To Your Goals

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