Driving Screws

Is it​ driving you? I guess not. Screws are somewhat like the air we breathe, they are tiny things that we take for​ granted in​ our daily lives. Now if​ you​ haven’t seen what a​ screw looks like, flip your​ keyboard or​ mouse upside down. Yes that’s it! It’s that shiny silver thing on​ the edges of​ the gadgets you​ commonly use.

Screws usually function​ as​ fasteners for​ mounting and​ for​ locking two adjacent cases to​ protect the inner core of​ the gadget. Recently screws have evolved and​ are made of​ plastic material which is​ generally used for​ mounting electronic circuit boards to​ take advantage of​ its insulation​ property.

Screws for​ that matter don’t come as​ metal or​ plastic in​ its classification. They are classified depending on​ the shape of​ the slot it​ has on​ its head and​ the thread that it​ has.

Commonly there are two classifications of​ screws. We have the wood screw and​ the metal screw. How do we tell the difference? Metal screws have a​ pitch with much farther spaces in​ between them compared to​ that of​ the wood screw. Metal screws are used when a​ hole has been drilled unto the metal surface prior to​ the installation​ of​ the screw. a​ wood screw is​ not a​ screw made out of​ wood but a​ screw designed to​ be attached to​ a​ wood. this​ type of​ screw has a​ pitch interval closer than that of​ a​ metal screw. it​ also has a​ sharp pointed bottom. The installation​ of​ wood screws requires the screw to​ be used as​ a​ bit to​ drill into the wooden surface.

Another classification​ of​ screws is​ the type of​ head slot it​ has. The most common​ type of​ screws you​ could find in​ your​ neighborhood tool shop is​ the Phillips screws, Standard Slotted screws, Hex key screws, and​ the Pozidriv. Other types of​ heads are the Torx, Robertson, Tri-wing, Torque-set and​ the Spanner. These screws are commonly used in​ consumer electronics like televisions, DVD players, digital media players, cellular phones and​ etc. The reason​ why companies use these kinds of​ screw is​ for​ security purposes. this​ is​ to​ discourage unauthorized tampering of​ the gadget because finding the screwdrivers to​ fit these types of​ screws are pretty hard and​ expensive. Having the right tools to​ open these equipment means that the individual is​ qualified and​ experience enough to​ open such items.

So this​ is​ to​ give you​ a​ basic idea of​ the screw. I suggest that if​ you​ might need one, you​ better bring a​ sample to​ the hardware store to​ have a​ perfect fit for​ your​ need because if​ screws are installed with the wrong size and​ type, this​ could break and​ crack open your​ encasement which could mean trouble.

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