Driving Instructor V Test Examiner

Driving Instructor V Test Examiner

To get into a​ car along side a​ complete novice who has no knowledge whatsoever of​ handling a​ vehicle, let alone handle other drivers on​ our busy roads takes some guts. (Instructor)
Knowing how to​ drive is​ simple? Knowing the high way code is​ even more simple, what isn't so simple is​ not knowing what the other driver is​ going to​ do.

The roads would be much safer if​ we were mind readers but unfortunately no glass ball to​ check out what lies ahead. The more lessons the more in​ take of​ rules and​ regulations.

Instructors who EARN to​ drive

Over a​ period of​ time the driving instructor that was once a​ stranger is​ now your​ friendly passenger who wants you​ to​ excel in​ your​ need to​ get a​ pass...
Helping you​ to​ build up confidence in​ your​ self will be one of​ his main​ priorities.

your​ friendly passenger has now become your​ companion, who throughout all your​ lessons has got to​ know you​ personally and​ corrected any bad habits you​ may have picked up while learning to​ drive

The magic moment has arrived to​ put in​ for​ your​ test. How do you​ know when the time is​ right? Simple, when the stalling or​ buck jumping of​ the car is​ all in​ the past, no more silly questions like where the clutch is. No more accidental kerb mounting.
if​ any one should know you​ are ready to​ take that god fearing test, it​ has to​ be the stranger your​ friend your​ companion. (You're Instructor)

He was the one who had the guts to​ get in​ beside you​ ignoring the dangers that lay ahead. He was with you​ throughout the teething stages, pampering you​ like a​ mother would with her child.

The driving instructor makes the final decision​ that you​ are ready to​ take to​ the highways. Education​ goes no further because your​ instructor has taught you​ all there is​ to​ know. if​ this​ stranger your​ friend your​ companion​ your​ instructor had any doubts he would not allow you​ to​ put yourself and​ that of​ other motorists in​ danger.

The Test

Why so many fail. The answer is​ nerves

They send in​ an​ official type looking geezer with a​ clipboard. Another stranger, only this​ one is​ never to​ become you're your​ friend your​ companion. He is​ out to​ pass judgment before the key is​ turned in​ the ignition​

you​ may guarantee if​ some one is​ waiting for​ you​ to​ make a​ mistake then the inevitable happens.

this​ geezer's decision​ also undermines the driving instructor's better judgment. Driving instructors do the dirty work but when it​ comes to​ dishing out the filth, leave that to​ the examiners

(Earn to​ drive) Become a​ driving Instructor in​ your​ spare time. it​ does have its benefits and​ rewards.


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