Driving In The Fog Is Dangerous

Driving In The Fog Is Dangerous

if​ you​ think that driving in​ the fog is​ much safer compared to​ driving in​ the snow or​ in​ a​ torrential downpour, then think again. The truth behind fogs is​ that driving through one increase your​ chances of​ meeting accidents or​ collisions much greater than you​ think.

if​ you​ happened to​ turn on​ your​ television​ set just recently, you​ would have learnt that there was an​ accident in​ China that was related to​ driving in​ foggy conditions. There were a​ dozen or​ so trucks that went colliding into one another. There were a​ couple of​ people dead and​ a​ greater number hurt and​ wounded. That just simply goes to​ show that we should not underestimate the power of​ the fog.

When driving during a​ foggy day, it​ is​ important that you​ drive slowly. With the fog, the usual thing that you​ would experience is​ a​ shortened range of​ vision. Now, if​ you​ are driving slowly, you​ would be able to​ stop your​ vehicle immediately if​ you​ need to. Also, it​ is​ important to​ turn on​ your​ lights. That way, you​ are letting others know that you​ are on​ the road.

if​ you​ are about to​ leave the road, make sure that you​ are completely out of​ it. you​ should turn off all your​ driving lights and​ keep in​ mind to​ turn on​ your​ flashers. this​ kind of​ situation​ actually gives other motorists the message that you​ are on​ somewhere off the road and​ you​ would not be driving back just yet.

Keeping your​ windows clear could be quite a​ problem for​ you. you​ can ask for​ the assistance of​ your​ windshield wipers as​ well as​ your​ defroster. These would help out greatly in​ keeping your​ windows and​ windshield clear.

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