Driving And Yawning Not Good

Driving And Yawning Not Good

you​ can be driving while you​ are drowsy. and​ when you​ are drowsy, your​ concentration​ could get quite lessened. you​ would be yawning and​ you​ just feel like you​ would like to​ rest. for​ some people, they could even be driving while asleep with their eyes open, and​ thus the phrase falling asleep behind the wheel. this​ kind of​ situation​ could lead to​ accidents.

Fatigue and​ drowsiness is​ considered and​ counted as​ one of​ the major factors in​ crashes. it​ goes along with driving with excess speed, driving while on​ alcohol and​ drugs, as​ well as​ driving while ignoring other vehicles’ right of​ way. Other major factors of​ crashes include tailgating, improper passing, improper driving to​ the left of​ the center, and​ reckless driving.

So how do you​ know when you​ are drowsy and​ you​ have fatigue? One sure sign is​ that you​ are yawning a​ lot. you​ have trouble keeping your​ eyes open. Also, you​ are not able to​ concentrate much on​ the road ahead. Sometimes, you​ do not even remember what happened during the last few seconds or​ even the last few minutes. you​ may find yourself in​ crashes if​ you​ notice that you​ are jerking your​ head or​ your​ body because you​ already are in​ the brink of​ falling asleep. and​ the worst part of​ fatigue and​ drowsiness is​ that your​ car starts to​ wander off from the road or​ starts to​ cross into other lanes.

When you​ start to​ feel these signs, it​ would be best if​ you​ started to​ slow down. Then, make sure that you​ pull off in​ a​ place where there is​ a​ safe parking space. you​ can call your​ home if​ you​ want to​ so that other people may come and​ get you​ there or​ if​ someone is​ expecting you, inform them that you​ may be most probably be late or​ would not be able to​ make it​ for​ that day.

if​ you​ have a​ passenger, try talking to​ him or​ her. That should keep you​ awake. you​ can also opt to​ turn on​ the radio to​ a​ station​ that plays music that would keep you​ awake. Sing if​ you​ can. if​ you​ simply cannot just take it, make a​ pit stop. Go get a​ soda or​ some coffee first before you​ start out back again.

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